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Oh, what heady times indeed. As I try to get everything together before 12/8, when Oregon puts in place disgusting gun control laws, I have been taking a general inventory and going through the things that I could move and more specifically, acquire before things are tied up at least for a while. Many in the State are going crazy over AR's, Glock's, etc. and I understand that, but I'm not in that crowd. Any gun "needs" are long covered. It's the "wants" that will be impeded. If it goes through I will have to get ridiculous permits just to fill out the 4473 that I already fill out every time I transfer a gun. There's a bunch of other BS in there as well. It will either be defeated in court or put in place. I could move, I could apply for the permit or I could find all the ways around it that I see fit. I do believe that much of it will fail to pass Constitutional muster as the NY, CA and other infringements are crumbling and precedent has been set since 1791, but I also thought there was no way that Obummercare would pass. That part is out of my hands and I can only control my personal and familial reaction to it once it is sorted out.

Anyway, now that the light stuff is out of the way let us get on with much more serious business. Peep my grips, grip screws and ACW Classic Carry, y'all! I prettied her up with accessories that I came across while taking inventory for The Impending Doom. This Alchemy is The Anniversary Gun. My wife and I had a wedding ceremony at a pizza parlor on April Fool's Day and it is our legal wedding date. It happened to fall on a weekend that year so we did it and we love it. When ACW#401 came up for sale, I had to make a move and did. I am very thankful that it is ours and it is one that my wife is very fond of. I did not have the money to buy it and to take that much from our household finances wasn't an option. In the end, I turned three other guns into ACW#401 and some change. I very much am a Government Model guy, but this one is a keeper and will spend much more time being fondled than shot. I have 5" guns that please me for shooting and this one pleases me and the Mrs. for lookin' at and such. When my wife found out that I actually pulled it off she blushed a little and when it arrived she was even more impressed. I came upon these special grips while going through my stuff. They came on ACW#616, which is in it's proper home now, shortly after #401 found me. @Xringchaser sent these grips with 616 and I thought it was in error, but he wanted me to have them and I view them as a very important gift to me from a man that helped expose me to fine guns that otherwise would not have worked out. Of all of the fine guns that I have acquired from Our Dear John, these grips are very special to me because they were something of a "gift" and I am a hopeless sap. When @Greg Derr first listed his son Nick's nitre blued grip screws(which I believe has grown to include pin sets, if not more) I was one of the first to jump on the listing and reach out to him. I bought five sets and they actually hold up better than I ever thought. I put a set on my DW A2 about 18 months ago and used it like it was the tool that it is. Those screws are still on it and they're abused, but I like them a lot and some of the bluing is still there and they of course aren't meant for that at all. Most importantly, they looked good for much longer than I expected and the left side, against my body, lost their luster much faster than the right, which at the time was exposed to quite a bit of scrub brush, fence scraping and general abuse that comes with an EDC. The screws and grips could continue sitting in a drawer or go on the closest thing that I have to a Safe Queen. I like checkering on my grips, nearly without exception. Clear ivory, preferably of the kind that used to be attached to an elephant, would be that exception. In the end, not only does the combination of Classic Carry, beautiful wood and grip screws please me but it turns out that it feels excellent in the hand as well.

I put the grips on and decided to take some photos of the beauty while the sub-freezing sun was shining yesterday. The way every part is fit, the bluing, the polishing that went into it before the bluing, the roll marks, the undercut, the Comfort Carry checkering, the ball cuts that line up(I thought one ball cut always hung a little lower than the other ball cut, but I could be confusing "This is my rifle" for "This is my gun"), the trigger, the hammer, the thumb safety.......it's all perfect or something very close to it. What really makes me feel all flirty and giggly inside, beside the bottle of Night Train I drank when I woke up, is the way it moves and sounds when I rack the slide. It is reminiscent of how I felt when I first received and fondled my Rock River Arms Elite Commando. I have gone through a few 1911's in the last couple of years and the five that I currently have are very important to me. This ACW, the RRA, my Guncrafter BC-17 Hellcat .45, my DW A2 and my full custom Colt built by Jim Wilson that is my carry gun are each as close to irreplaceable as a firearm may be for me, barring family heirloom guns.

In the end, as I try to set myself up to have what I need before the 8th comes along, I am thankful that what I have is so important to me that coming off a gun, even to turn into another gun, is quite painful. As I scramble to have as many of the things that I want before the door closes(at least temporarily), I find that I may not have the means to actually pull anything else off before the deadline. That's a drag and there are some things that will haunt me(I currently don't have a S&W K38 Masterpiece/Model 14 and that is just one example of a gun I "need"), but I would have to sell a keeper to buy a keeper and that would also haunt me. Such is life.

Here are some terrible photos of a wonderful gun in this year's Winter attire. White after Labor Day? Such poor taste would never fly in this trailer. I can cite my love for each of my guns and deeming a thing to be "perfect" is many times a matter of context and perception. Not in this case. The perfection that is my emotional perception is one thing and it is the definition of subjective. The mechanical perfection of the Alchemy is an absolute. Like math. 2+2=401. What could be more simple than that? Now, does anyone have a couple 20 round Mec-Gar Hi-Power mag's that I could peel off of them before the 8th?
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There is a flash sale now for 17rd Browning HP mags. It’s a place I purchased from several times and found them to be reliable. Check out this link Hi-Power Magazines (FN, Tisas, FEG, etc.) | BHSpringSolutions LLC and hopefully you’ll be somewhat better prepared for the Socialist Party destroying more of our freedoms and individual rights.

Ending on a positive, I love your ACW, and the way you’ve accessorized it. It’s a beautiful weapon indeed.
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