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I'm sure there are some of you that still remember mail delivery twice a day. Mail carrier just happened to be early today.
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Anyway...first thing I did was adjust retention to my liking. There is very little adjustment to be made for cant/rake, so a verticle draw is pretty much what you get. The design of the holster limits this option. I knew that going in, so it is not a complaint, just an observation for those reading. I spent the day with this gun and holster just behind my right hip. The two sppedloader pouches at appendix.
I rarely wear a tucked shirt so printing was not a problem. How were the pouches not a problem you ask? Check my screen name. I've got Dunlops disease. My belly's done lopped over my belt.
I was always conscious of the holster and gun. Perhaps I need more time with it on the belt. When I have a Commander in a Nexus, I usually don't feel it. It could be a kydex thing, I'll find out. For you flatbellies this would make for excellent AIWB carry.
There should be a Warbird in the next week or 10 days. A side by side comparison in ease and comfort while carrying forthcoming.
The pouches are well done. The inside is polished for snagless removal yet the friction fit is excellent. HKS speedloaders would fit just as well. No rattle, except for the rounds themselves.
Holster and pouch on and off is straightforward and easy. Re-holstering vertically is different for me and takes some adjustment.
Holster edges have been sanded and burnished. There is no separation of leather and kydex.
I may try this as a between the belt and pants holster at some point.
First day review over.
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