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Product Brown Black Shotgun Hardwood

Top: Frame w/10" 22LR & T/C Lobo 1.5x scope
Middle: 10" .222 Rem. w/4x Leupold
Bottom: 14" .35 Rem. w/4x Leupold

Complete package - $1200 OBO
*will consider selling the frame with one or two of the barrels; contact me about pricing for that, but I'd like to sell the whole set, if possible.

Better pics coming shortly.

T/C Contender I bought new in 1992 (?). I bought it as a blue, 14" 35 Rem., and installed a Leupold 4x pistol scope w/Leupold rings. Shortly after that, I bought a 10" 22LR barrel for it, equipped with a T/C Lobo 1.5x scope. I also have a used 10" 222 Rem barrel, and installed the same Leupold scope setup as above. I have a decent amount of empty brass for both the 222 & 35, along with a set of Lee dies, and a box of Hornady 180gr Spitzer bullets for the 35.
The frame, 35 & 22LR barrels were all bought new, and are in excellent condition; the 222 Rem barrel was used when I bought it back in '92, and has the sights welded to the barrel, which I assume is first gen?
I have targets that I saved showing how accurate it (35) is with handloads @ 100yds.

Does anyone have any interest in this, or someone who might? Honestly, I have no idea what's it's worth, so I don't even know what to ask. I'm just putting out feelers, trying to see what happens.

PM me if you're interested; pics coming in a few days, since I'm away from home right now.

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