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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by cundiff5535, May 2, 2019.

  1. cundiff5535

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    Apr 1, 2013
    I was originally going to ask the group what’s next on your wish list (feel free to post if you like)... However, I’m going be a bit selfish on this one and ask opinions on what route I should go.

    I’ve run through many fine firearms over the years... and have kept the ones I personally have felt were worthy. I have some amazing 1911’s built by some of the best Smith’s to ever grace this planet. I am waiting on Chambers guns as well... so in saying that, this category is pretty much taken care of.

    The other day (and what got me thinking) is when my wife said it’s been a while since you picked up a new firearm. That got me thinking... what is on my list of firearms to buy!

    It really took me some time to think through what was on my list... honestly there is not much left on my “wish list”.

    Here is the list in no specific order:
    1. Scar17
    2. Trashed Pre 1000 serial number Colt 1911 (that I would like to get rebuilt/restored by someone like Turnbull)
    3. HK P7 M8
    4. Rifle Dynamics 501 (or 701)
    5. AW93
    6. Hammerli 208s
    7. Sig P240
    8. Swiss P210
    9. Korth Combat
    10. Manurhin MR73 (one of the surplus revos that I could send off to be turned into something cool to shoot)
    11. Beretta Wilson Centurion

    That’s a pretty interesting wish list... or should I say an expensive one. In saying that there currently isn’t a firearm on the market outside this list that I want. Maybe some long range rifles... but I’ll need to wait before I jump into that world:).

    Many of these weapons are easily obtainable however, many are getting harder to find or going up in value quickly.

    If this was your list, what would your approach be to collecting them? Start with that harder to find first? Knock off the easily obtainable ones? Grab the ones that I feel will continue to raise in price?

    This is not something that can happen in a year or two... a list like this could hypothetically take many years to get through.

    What’s the forums opinions or thoughts?
  2. zChambers

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    Jan 21, 2015
    My "wishlist" is kind of like yours, in that I'm mostly looking to fill gaps rather than looking for extremely hard to get stuff. At this point I have most of what I want/need so what's left is mostly just for fun.

    I am generally on the lookout for everything at once and looking to get these over the next ten years. The only time I REALLY prioritize stuff is when there might be a legislation coming up, or when it looks like I'll be moving to a state that has more restrictive laws. In that case I'll try to pick something up and leave it storage before moving, so I don't have to wait 2-3 years before I can think about buying the thing again.

    My list:
    - Some kind of AK - Also looking at an RD
    - Engraved Beretta O/U shotgun
    - Some kind of revolver - Korth is on the short list
    - LWRC PDW or whatever their new sub gun thing is called
    - WWI or WWII vintage 1911
    - 1903A4 with optic
    - Some more suppressors so I don't have to swap stuff around as much
    - 10-8 built 1911
    - Desert Tech MDR SBR in 300blk (don't know if I really want one but I might just want to mess with it because it seems weird)
    - a 2011 frame to cut up
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  3. AJP

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    Jun 15, 2017
    Well I can only comment on a few of them, but here it goes.

    1. Scar 17, I picked one up last year and it is my favorite rifle. It will likely be the last one I let go, as it can do everything I want a rifle to do with a bullet that has dropped everything in North America. From CQB to reaching out as far as my skill set allows, it is my favorite. And the 50 shades of FDE is just cool.

    2. Trashed Pre 1000 serial number Colt 1911 (that I would like to get rebuilt/restored by someone like Turnbull) , IMO you are better off leaving it in original condition or buying a newer repro that is properly heat treated so you can shoot it forever.

    4. Rifle Dynamics 501 (or 701), love me some AK's and am a big fan of the RD Warrior Angel, but I don't see a lot of value in their AK's over a box stock Arsenal... IMO

    8. Swiss P210, Heck yeah

    As for purchasing order, always go with the one that is on your mind when you are ready. I can say that because I am sure you, like many of us, are way past the "need" area of firearm collecting. I always have a running list, but there is always something at the top of the list, even when it gets short.
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  4. Babboonbobo

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    Nov 18, 2014
    My wish list is stuff like
    9mm Luger
    Fostech shotgun
    Barrett 50bmg
    300BO with suppressor
    Stuff like that!

    I would start with the harder to find stuff and finish with the more commons easier to find stuff
  5. BigJimP

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    Mar 12, 2018
    I suggest you start with the hardest items on your list....focus on them...because its not about Quantity ..its about Quality / ...the easier stuff can always be picked up as you come across good quality specimens.

    Everyone's list will be different ....but its your list ....have fun with the journey.

    ( I consider myself very lucky -- to have everything I want in terms of guns. I've been collecting and shooting for over 50 yrs ...and have been giving some away to adult kid & grandkids over last 10 yrs as I approach 70....I've enjoyed my journey in the hobby ). Good luck with your search.
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  6. jaydoc

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    Aug 10, 2012
    Find the Korth Combat first. Then the Swiss p210
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