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Originally, this gun was to be a 9mm bobtail commander only. Then I saw a gun done by Rogers Precision that was able to swap 9mm and .38 Super barrels, so I figured why not do that, too? Now, I’m taking no equal status here because the Rogers’ pistol machined barrel and slide to use the same recoil spring for both. Mine doesn’t, despite only one recoil spring visible in this picture.

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As time went on I’d bought a .45 caliber slide for another project. But, the rail channels were cut identically to the 9mm slide on this gun and fit without additional work. Hmm... I got to thinking and decided to give a three-caliber gun a go.

Receiver is a JEM Guns SS bobtail commander cut for Clark/Para ramp, 25 LPI checkering.

The .45 cal. slide is classic round top fitted with a Kart c/p ramped barrel, EGW HD 45 extractor, EGW OS FPS, an OS HD .45 ejector, .45 slide stop and blue thick flange carry bushing.

The 9mm/.38S slide is serrated round top fitted with RemSport 9mm and .38S c/p barrels, one HD and one practical extractor (for spare), an EGW 9/38 ejector, OS FPS, 9/38S slide stop and SS thick flange carry bushing.

The gun runs a 23# mainspring, 12# recoil for 9mm, 14# recoil for .38S and 18# recoil for .45. I tuned the extractor and ejector to work with both sub-calibers. To switch between 9mm and .38S, one needs only to swap the barrel and recoil spring. To swap to .45, one has to switch out the entire slide assembly and slide stop.

Next for the gun is to blend the .45 slide and then off to finish. Both slide assemblies will be blued and the receiver bead blasted SS.

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