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Tier 1 Concealed- PDP & 365XL

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I have a couple holsters for sale that have been lightly used. Price for each is 100 shipped, I prefer paypal with the fee's covered or by using the FF option

First is a purple 365XL holster. It was ordered for the TLR-7sub Sig and with extended spare magazine and easily carries a 15 or 17 round spare.
Sleeve Purple Gesture Waist Denim

Purple Bag Camera accessory Violet Material property

The second is a grey PDP. This is for a four inch slide with TLR-7A. The magazine was ordered for an extended mag and I carried a 15 rounder with Floyds +6 extension with no problem.
Sleeve Grey Bag Safety glove Glove

Camera accessory Electric blue Fashion accessory Auto part Font
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Price drop to $100 shipped, per holster.
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