Tight safety??

Discussion in 'STI/2011' started by firecatwilson, Mar 19, 2019.

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    Feb 24, 2013
    I wanted to swap out my ambi safety on my 2018 Tactical to a single. During my take down process I thought I must have been getting weaker with my old age, 39 is a bitch you should know, because I couldn't shake the safety free. It took a screwdriver as a pry bar to get this thing out. Reassembly was just as bad, it was so tight I had to use a rubber mallet to get the ends to join and sit flush.

    So then thought I'd try my hand at gunsmithing (I've fitted a few triggers and succeeded, so I thought wth).... ended up taking off too much material and now the right side is sloppy (up and down) when assembled. I had ordered a STI single sided lever beforehand so I popped that in and it doesn't engage properly(Sigh). So I'm sending the whole pistol to STI to be have it properly fit along with a STI flat med trigger and a re-coat of DLC on the frame and slide. Costly process I got myself in.

    Anyone else have tight safeties on their STI's?? I'm nervous to takedown my Marauder now (want a single on there as well)...
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    Safeties need to be fit by properly trained smiths. If you haven’t ever done one previously then leave it to the pros. Especially if it’s a carry gun. Someone’s life will probably depend on it.

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    Be very scared if a thumb safety ever "drops in"

    Good call sending back to motherhood. I'm not STI savvy and there are several different styles of ambis on the market. . So I can't help you there. If it's the standard tendon style with wing under grip, one would think not much material would need removed. Tighter is better on the ambi. A touch of grease on reassembly does the trick on my Baer.
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    Man, as soon as I saw this I feared the following post.

    I’m guessing your real name is Bubba? Just kidding but tight safeties are preferable. As with almost all things 1911/2011 safeties should be gunsmith fit.

    I use an armorers tool from 10-8. It’s a great tool for working on any gun. http://www.10-8performance.com/products/Armorer-Tool.html

    Also DLC is a super strong finish but taking a metal screwdriver will Bubba it.
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    Feb 24, 2013
    Haha yeah I definitely bubba'd it up, but I used some elec tape to protect the frame. They are going to recoat it under warranty, it had some spots on the slide where I could see bare metal. It wasn't because of my doing!

    I've had single sided safeties go in and function properly on a few previous 1911's. It being a STI safety I thought it would work, but no. I was also surprised to see the bluing was poorly done and it would need some DLC to match anyway.
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