Today in the Old West, April 25, 1875

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    On April 5, Lieutenant Bullis and three scouts (Sergeant John Ward, Trumpeter Issac Payne, and Private Pompey Factor) went out on patrol to intercept a band of raiders who had attacked a stage coach.On April 18, Bullis and his men came upon a band of 25-30 Lipan Apache driving a herd of 75 stolen horses towards Mexico. The horses were presumed stolen because some had bridles and were shod and the others weren't. Although outnumbered, they decided to track and apprehend the horse thieves. On the afternoon of April 25, they caught up with the band at Eagle's Nest Crossing just before the Pecos River. They surprised the band and recovered the horses. The band soon recovered and set out after the scouts. There was a pitched battle in which Sergeant Ward had his carbine's buttstock shattered by bullets. Low on ammunition and outnumbered, the scouts had to retreat and leave the captured horses behind. Bullis, on foot after his horse reared him off, was saved by Sergeant Ward, who picked him up on horseback at a trot. Bullis recommended Sergeant Ward, Trumpeter Payne, and Private Factor for the Medal of Honor, which they received on May 28, 1875.

    main-image.jpg The great American artist Charles Schrevogel's painting, My Bunkie, which could have easily been inspired by the Eagle's Nest Crossing story. 1890.

    Lt. John L. Bullis

    Lt. Bullis joined the US Army as a private during the Civil War, he served with distinction in the Civil War, Indian Wars and the Spanish American War. Just before his retirement in 1904 President Teddy Roosevelt promoted him to brigadier general.

    Sgt John Ward was discharged from the army in Oct 1894 and was a farmer until he passed at age 64.

    Trumpeter Isaac Payne was discharged in January 1901.

    I couldn't find a photo of Private Pompey Factor, but he took a discharge in November 1880 and had a long life, passing at 79 years of age.

    Heroes all.
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    Always enjoy these,thanks!
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    Those were real me. Don't make 'em like that anymore.
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    Very cool! Thanks scaramouche!

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    Great story, different times. Yeah, I'm not to attack 25 Apaches with three other guys all armed with temperamental single shot rifles but kudos to them!
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