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    1813 US Army officer Zebulon Pike, who had been an early explorer of the American West, is killed in action at age 34 during the War of 1812, his force captured Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

    Philadelphia 059.JPG



    1877 In Rath City, Texas, buffalo hunter Tom Lumpkins is shot and killed by Limpy Jim Smith. Limpkins's grave, the first in the town's Boot Hill cemetery, is marked with a buffalo skull.

    I couldn't find any photos of these two men, nor much on Rath City which was also called Reynolds City.

    This lovely image is cited as taken in Rath City, TX.

    1886 Peck Canyon Massacre; this tragedy involved Geronimo and fifteen braves riding on Charlie Owens and Atrimus Peck out branding cattle. Charlie bolts and six braves give chase, they kill him taking his horse, spurs and saddle. Local legend has it that after undressing to his red long johns Artemus Peck started doing the Mexican Hat Dance causing Geronimo to laugh and as a result let him live. They left him standing there without boots or a hat while they rode up the valley and killed his wife and 2 year old baby, the Apaches took Mrs. Peck's niece as a captive.

    Story goes Peck walked down to Nogales, about 15 miles, where he sold his ranch for 500 Mexican silver dollars. That night he had a bartender put his money in the saloon safe. Come the next day the bartender and the money couldn't be found. Artemus Peck spent the rest of his long life up in Tucson where he passed at age 93. Never went back to the canyon.

    The import of this raid is the people of Arizona Territory finally had enough and it prompted the largest manhunt in Arizona as General Miles and 5,000 US troops begin their chase of Geronimo and the last hold out Apaches.

    For them Arizona forum members: you can drive up Peck Canyon, it's an exit off I 19 and if you ask politely, see a monument the Cummings family, who own the Rocking H Ranch in the canyon, erected in 1934 in memory of the Peck family.
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    I always enjoy these . Thanks Mouche !

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    Apr 12, 2016
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    It's good to have you back Mr. G . . .
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    I'm thinking about resurrecting this series as folks seemed to enjoy it two years ago and we have a bunch of new folks since then that never seen it. If I get feed back via PMs indicating it aint appropriate I will withdraw, no hard feelings or otherwise.
    Have a good weekend.
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    I will say it in the open forum, many of us "old folk" have waning memories and it's all new to us too . . . .
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    Very happy your reviving this , I missed the lessons you provided
    Us .
    Let’s not forget to thank @limbkiller for his work in preserving
    History and I look forward to reading more from both of you.
    Good on you Sir .
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    Great stuff! Always enjoy these history lessons.
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    Please do, love it and so do many others! Thanks so much!
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    Im all in with tac 45. I enjoy reading all these history posts because I’m a firm believer in learning something new every day. Who cares if I already learned it and forgot. I just learn it new all over again lol. Please keep up the good work!

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    Alright Mouche your back in business and I can retire. :) At least for now. I took over for you so it is again your turn. ;)
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    I feel inspired to create a companion series called Today in the New West. However, I'm afraid it will mostly be reports of people eating avocado toast, doing yoga, and Facebooking.

    I think your version is far more interesting.
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    Mar 4, 2012
  14. Kip

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    I kinda like a bit of both.
    Ain't nobody retiring!! ;)
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    Well I aint doing it unless Limbkiller keeps doing his...I always felt that its part due to Ed's daily dedication that has made this forum what it, his daily contribution and that of all our other members that has made this the best stupid gun forum on the Interweb.
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    I'd like you boff to post history lessons that make me look smart when I rattle off an abridged version to the boys at work. World history and old west history. While I respect the huge commitment and undertaking that this involves, and don't mean to be pushy, I really like reading and learning. You both really class up this joint with your history lessons. Mouche also classes it up waxing poetic about lost jackets on the high desert, and Ed shooting phones with his poodle exterminator keeps me grounded to my roots. My point is, I really appreciate all you both do to make this my happy little dabble in social media. I hope to someday meet you both and maybe raise a glass or two to the great history of our country, world, and preferred pistol platform. I'm done being sappy, off to plant some hot peppers and try to remember to wash my hands before I take a leak in the backyard. Don't ask how I learned that lesson.
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    This is the first of these types of posts that I've read, I will definitely be read more of them. Nice piece of history that you've recounted here. Nice job!!

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