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    (disclaimer: if there is an agenda in these posts it is to present them in a way that allows us to look at history in maybe a different way than we've been taught, and the way we have traditionally thought about them...not necessarily because that is better, but rather to get us out of the rut we think is comfortable and to actually think about stuff, critical thinking, or not)

    Near Camp Grant, Arizona Territory, the Tucson Commission of Public Safety along with a number of Mexicans and Pagago Indians slaughter peaceful Pinal and Apache Indians while they sleep. Over one hundred women and children are killed in what is now called the Camp Grant Massacre.


    Historians haven't agreed as to the reason for this butchery still.
    Some say it was due to the reduction of Indian hostility in Arizona that led the Grant Administration to reduce funding into the territory and an incident like this would gin up the government to pour more resources back into Arizona and the attack was driven by economics.
    Others claim it was done in retaliation for a Gila Apache raid in which six settlers were killed and some livestock was stolen.
    There were even some cases where Arizonans staged mocked Indian attacks on their remote holdings in the hope Washington would "re-invest" in the territory.

    1st Lieutenant Royal Emerson was the commander of Camp Grant. About five miles east of the camp he created a refuge for nearly 500 Aravaipas and Pinal Apaches. In exchange for work in and around the post these Indians received beef and flour. They lived in what today is called Aravaipa Canyon.

    There were peaceful Apache and there were fundamentalist Apache who's mission from God was to rid their land of white men and Mexicans. Among many settlers their presence generated fear and hate. It's the same old story repeated across our country from the Pilgrims landing to the taming of the far reaches of the west. Nobody likes illegal aliens or infidels depending where they come from and what faith they are.

    A view of Camp Grant, insets portray Lt. Emerson (left) and William S. Oury (right) a real deal hard core western legend of Forest Gump proportions. Little or nothing remains of Camp Grant today.

    In the afternoon of April 29, William Oury, five other Anglo Americans, 48 Mexican Americans and 92 Tohono O'oodham set off for the canyon. The next day, Sunday, just before dawn they attack the Apache refuge. The O'oodham were the main fighters, or killers, while the Americans and Mexicans picked off potential escapees with their brand new Spencer carbines donated by the leading citizens of Tucson. Most of the Apache men who lived in the refuge were off hunting in the mountains.

    A total of 144 Aravaipas and Pinals were killed and mutilated, nearly all were scalped. Only 8 corpses weren't either a woman or a child. Though 29 kids did survive and they were sold into slavery down in Old Mexico.

    This event caused a big ruckus nation wide. President Ulysses S. Grant threated to put the territory under martial law unless the Governor held a trial and found justice for these Indians. Later in the year a trial was held with over 100 defendants named in the attack. It took the jury 19 minutes to acquit all of them.


    Hate is tougher to quit than smoking. Fear is a disease you need to cure yourself of if you want to walk erect in this world. We've seen even on this forum, that they both exist and are alive and well, take a look at that endless Notre Dame Fire thread a couple weeks ago.

    William S. Oury was from Virginia and led a rip roaring no holds barred he!! for leather kind of life. As one of Tucson's leading lights and chief organizer of the massacre he comes across of as one of the luckiest and hardiest comets streaking across the dim dark sky of western camp fire lore and tall tales. During the Texas Revolution he served under William Travis and may well have been the last American to leave the Alamo alive as a courier. In 1840 he served with the Texas Rangers at the Battle of Plum Creek. In 1842 he was a member of the ill fated Miers Expedition that were captured by the Mexicans and he was a survivor of the Black Bean Episode you might be familiar with from one of them Lonesome Dove shows or sequels. He also worked as an agent for the Butterfield Overland and was elected sheriff of Tucson several times. In 1864 Oury became Tucson's first mayor.

    That border land has always been one of violence and nothing has changed, it still is.

    That Arizona member who occasionally posts his picture holding a beer, his pot belly protruding from his Hawaiian shirt, sun glasses, with an AR15 dangling off his neck, leaning against an illegal immigrant warning sign should be ashamed of hisself.

    I don't hold myself above him, it's just really bad optics, I know he's better than that.

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    Great lesson, mouche! Thank you Sir!!
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    Thanks for the great post scaramouche and disclaimers be damned. There have always been those in every age and station of history who considered themselves “enlightened”. Some may actually have been. But In each age and station there were “enlightened” A-Holes, thieves, cowards and murders. To convince yourself to believe otherwise is a fools errand. Every man has his own choice. Be drawn into the malstrom of hatred, or keep trying to swim out of it. I don’t consider myself above it. Just trying to be open minded and keep swimming in the other direction. Thanks again for the learning experience.

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