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    1895 Near Ingalls, Oklahoma Territory the brothers Jim, Dal and Bill Dunn shoot and kill outlaws Charlie Pierce and George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb in order to collect the five thousand dollar bounty on each man.

    John (Bill) & Dal Dunn, inset illustrates the deceased George "Bitter Creek" Newcomb aka "The Slaughter Kid" (left) and Charlie Pierce.

    Jim "Shorty" Dunn...don't ask how he got that moniker

    Charlie Pierce and George Newcomb were members of the Wild Bunch gang, also known variously as the Doolin-Dalton Gang, the Oklahombres and also the Long Riders because of the long dusters they wore. They were based in the Indian Territory during the 1890s and robbed banks, stores, trains and liked killing law enforcement across a wide range; Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and the Indian Territories.

    The Dunn brothers ran a boarding house near Ingalls, OK and a meat market in Pawnee, OK. While they also worked as bounty hunters they supplemented their income rustling cattle (to supply their meat market) and robbed travelers and folks staying at their boarding house. Their teenage sister, Rose, was romantically involved with George Newcomb.

    Rose Dunn

    Today in 1895 George and Charlie rode up to the Dunn's place to visit Rose and collect $900 the Dunn brothers owed George Newcomb. The Dunn brothers stepped out on the porch as they arrived and shot the two of them out of their saddles as they attempted to dismounted.

    Both bodies were taken to Guthrie OK to collect on the bounty, but when they got there George Newcomb sat up and begged for water. He received another bullet for his effort.

    The outlaw trail the Dunn's travelled didn't last to much longer, the following year Bill Dunn tried to outdraw Sheriff Frank Canton and was killed with two big well placed bullets, ending his life and the Dunn Brothers rein of terror. Justice was served.

    Sheriff Frank Canton aka Joe Horner, former bank robber, stock detective, and a Johnson County Range War Regulator. This photo taken while he served as a U.S. deputy Marshall in Dawson, Alaska. He ended up an Adjutant General in the National Guard.
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    And I thought my neighborhood was rough . . . . . .

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    Real likable folks, just don't turn your back on any of them! Or get off a horse...or loan them money...
    Love American West history!
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    Good read! I’ll have to see what else I can find out about them.

    Sheriff Frank Canton, bank robber turned National Guard Adjutant General sounds particularly interesting.

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    Great post , thanks Mouche. !
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    Just goes to show . . . . . there's hope for ALL of us . . . . . .

    He was a Democrat, right?
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    Thanks for the post scaramouche! Those boys certainly demonstrated the Wild West way to turn a $900 debt into a 10K deposit. Jeez!

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