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    November 14, 1879

    In Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory, Hoodoo Brown, serving at various times as justice of the peace, coroner, and mayor, appoints "Dirty Dave" Rudabaugh a city policeman. He is one of the Kansas gunfighters whom Hoodoo recruits as peace officers, known as the Dodge City gang.

    Hoodoo Brown, aka Hyman G. Neill specializes in stagecoach and train robberies, murder, thievery, and municipal corruption when he's not officiating at public office.

    Dirty Dave Rudabaugh was alleged to have an aversion to water. Legend has it he taught Doc Holliday how to use a pistol, while Doc taught him the finer points of playing cards. Dirty Dave got gunned down in old Mexico, in a fly blown saloon in Chihuahua at age 31. They cut his head off and stuck it on a pole. It remained there for about three weeks until a group of bandits rode into town and saw it and seemed to recognized him. They removed it from the pole and kicked it into the center of the town square. There them hombres took turns defecating on it while sharing several bottles of tequila.

    Hoodoo Brown's illegal activities finally caught up with him and he ended up in the clink, a lawyer got him out on a temporary leave long enough for him to saddle a horse and disappear. Years later descendants reported he was shot dead south of the border and his two brothers recovered his body in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. His remains were buried in Lexington, Missouri, his grave stone reads 'Henry G. Neill'.

    additional: Story goes Dirty Dave was playing cards in that cantina and it was mentioned that he was cheating, he slapped leather and shot one guy in the head, another straight through the heart and winged a third man. Leaving the saloon he couldn't find his horse, it was night. Coming back into the bar the lights were off until gunfire lit up the place and he was dead before he hit the dirt floor.
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    Cool Story.....Head on a pike I guess that would be a deterrent :)
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    'Hoodoo' & 'Dirty Dave' - if nothing else you have to like the nick-names.
    Thanks, 'mouche' for your continued efforts, they are appreciated.
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    Much appreciated, as always. Thanks for your continuing efforts
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    Poor old Dirty Dave , he had a really s—ty time . :roflmaro:
    Thanks Mouche.
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    Well, as my ole' papa used to say, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes".

    It always amazes me how tough and lucky these old dudes were, back in the day.

    Wonder how long some of 'em would last in present-day southside Chiraq? Especially with just a single Model P, against all the sideways-shooting, plastic-totin' gangsta dudes.
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