Today in the Old West

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    1862- Montana Territory- Crow Indians attack Piegan Indians and white settlers on the Marias River, killing one settler.

    1866- Fort Phil Kearny, Wyoming- the Red Cloud War begins in the Powder River region as Red Cloud's Ogallala Sioux stampede 175 horses and mules of the 18th Infantry Regiment on the construction site of the fort.

    1870- Hayes City, Kansas- Wild Bill Hickok was in a saloon when seven intoxicated cavalrymen from nearby Fort Hays jumped him and held him down. One of them held a six-gun to Wild Bill's ear and pulled the trigger but the gun misfired. Wild Bill managed to regain his feet and he pulled his pistols, shooting Private Jerry Lanihan through the wrist and knee and another trooper, John Kile, who was hit in the stomach. The rest of the troopers backed off as Hickok retreated from the saloon. Lanihan survived but Kile died the next day.

    1874- near present day El Reno, Oklahoma, Fort Reno is established on the banks of the North Canadian River.

    1886- Prince Albert Saskatchewan - a lone outlaw holds up Prince Albert mail coach; it was the first stagecoach robbery in Saskatchewan.

    1897- the Klondike gold rush began with the arrival of the treasure ships Portland and the Excelsior at Seattle, Washington bearing miners from the Yukon, who carried suitcases and boxes full of gold. Thousands began to book passages north after the miners spread tales of fortunes waiting to be made. The gold had been discovered in August 1896 on a tributary of the Klondike River later named Bonanza Creek. News of a strike in Nome, Alaska, ended the stampede in 1898. It's estimated that by then prospectors had spent $50 million reaching the Klondike, about the same amount taken from the diggings in the five years after the first strike.
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    I've read Wild Bill fired his guns every morning, then cleaned and reloaded them just to lesson the possibility of a miss fire...

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    another busy day in the ole west.
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