Took the Guncrafter 50 GI model 1 to the range

Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by Yoemen66, Dec 13, 2019.

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    Aug 10, 2017
    I was finally able to pick up my 1st of 2 guncrafters I recently purchased. This one came from collectors firearms by way of their black friday sale. 20 percent off on one of these is a pretty good discount. When I checked out on that friday morning they had 2 Model 1 50 GIs for sale. Both came with 6 mags and a 45 acp barrel. The black one was about 600 bucks cheaper and that was the one I went with. Checked out online and ready to go. The next day I hadn't heard anything from them so I called up to confirm everything was kosher. I was informed that the gun I had purchased had already been reserved and shouldn't have been available to buy. However, since it was their mistake they would let me have the more expensive gun for the same price. Having previously lived in the Houston metro area and having been a regular customer of their establishment it was good to see their customer service hadn't changed.

    Anyway, I pick it up and finally got to the range with it and my EVO yesterday. I used to shoot a couple of hundred rounds a week but since we moved about 4 years ago, that has slacked off significantly. Shooting just isn't as convenient currently. Anyway, put about 100 rds through my EVO and not surprisingly I am pushing my shots down and to the left. Really need to practice more. This is at 10 yards. After that I put 50 rds of 300gr fmj and 20 rounds of hollow points just to try them out. I will agree that the 300 grainers are pretty light recoil....about the same as a 45. I would not rate them equal to a 10mm in recoil. They are also fairly accurate shooting.

    The gun itself is beautiful. I usually am a traditionalist on colors of guns, but whatever this grey textured finish is I kind of like it. I still prefer the black ionbond of my evo but this is a nice look all the same.

    After shooting I cleaned it up with some ballistol and slide glided the parts and it's back together. My first FLGR, and while I prefer the traditional spring gi rod setup, the FLGR isn't quite a crime against humanity. Anyway, I should have my HOSS from Cajun Concealed on Monday and it will be another trip to the range. 20191212_120444.jpg 20191213_145017.jpg 20191213_145016.jpg 20191213_145011.jpg 20191213_145007.jpg 20191213_143415.jpg 20191213_143354.jpg 20191213_151139.jpg

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    Aug 10, 2017
    Oh yeah the clown's face and forehead was my evo. The grenade was the 300 grainers.

    The tie/chest was the hollow points.
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