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    A Marine went to the dentist and told her he had a broken tooth and he wanted it taken out. The dentist looked at it and said, "This is going to take a lot of numbing medicine before I can pull it. The pain could be pretty severe." The Marine replied, "You won't need it, I've only been hurt twice in the Marines." The dentist proceeded to numb the tooth, waited and then started pulling the tooth. It was very hard to get out. When she finally finished, she asked the Marine, "Did that hurt?" The Marine said again, "Like I said earlier, I've only been hurt twice in my life as a Marine."

    The dentist, curiosity piqued, asked, "What were the two times ?"

    The Marine replied, "I was on a patrol and had to take a crap so I went behind a tree, dropped my pants, bent down and my privates fell into a bear trap!"

    The dentist said, "My goodness, that HAD to hurt! So what was the second time?"

    The Marine replied, "When I ran out of chain!"

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