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Tucker & Byrd for Stacatto P Duo

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These are set up for the P with a light (Surefire), barely worn & not broken in - I find I just prefer AIWB & carry that way mostly. Skip the wait - $175 shipped via Venmo, Zelle, MO or check.

Helmet Wood Auto part Metal Bicycle part

Handgun holster Helmet Gesture Glove Wood

Bicycle saddle Golf Fashion accessory Metal Carmine

Camera accessory Automotive lighting Gas Auto part Fashion accessory

Camera accessory Input device Telephone Rectangle Auto part

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Is this for a 4.14” or 4.4”? Optic cut?

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4.14 optic cut though I am 99% sure eitther length will fit, they dont ask for a specific length when ordering the holster just model "Stacatto P Duo"
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Don’t hesitate to do business with [mention]simonp [/mention]. Excellent communication and quick shipper.

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