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Well Brisk I am screwed then. I have no one in my circle to show me how to do it and videos do not help me much. I have always learned by doing things myself but with hands on instruction to help me along. After a few times I am good to go. From everything I read on forums I feel like knowing how to handle the firearm is not near enough, you must also know how to custom build one from scratch. I already tried detail stripping my trp and once I got to the safety I couldn't get the thing off to save my life. Can you imagine what I will do to the extractor if I messed with it?
i live fairly close to arvada - i can help with some of those questions if you wish.
I'm in Aurora, and wouldn't mind meeting up to learn a thing or two myself, if that could be arranged.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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