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Name: Tim
Location: Northern Virginia
Shipping: Yes, included in price
Trades: NONE
Payment: PayPal (add 3% if not sending friends/family), Money Order, or Check

Long story short I've finally decided to clean out the holster drawer. Everything is slightly used but works fine with no damage.

From left to right...

Shooters Connection 1.5" IDPA Belt (size 40): $12 shipped

Blade-Tech Signature AR-15 Magazine Holders w/ Tek-Lok: $22 shipped each or $40 shipped for both

IDPA/Competition Starter Set: $55 shipped
Blade-Tech Signature Holster w/ Tek-Lok (Glock 34, fits 17/22 as well)
Blade-Tech Total Eclipse Double Mag Pouch w/ 1.5" Belt Loop (Glock double stack)

Safariland 6378 ALS Holster (Glock 17/22) w/ Paddle (paddle is NOT attached, needs screws): $25 shipped

G-Code OSL Holster (Glock 17/22 w/ Inforce APL) comes with both belt slide and duty/offset mount: $60 shipped

If you need an Inforce APL to go with that G-Code Holster setup, I have one for sale...
$75 shipped, or if buying G-Code OSL Holster $120 shipped for both.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts