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US Property with Colt Conversion unit on top?

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Trying to find a value for my brother in law. His sister was recently widowed and her husband left this and a Luger.
The only markings on the frame are “US Property” on one side of the dust cover and a serial number on the other side. ( “No. 109xxx”).
The conversion is a normal, clearly marked Colt conversion unit. (Before anyone asks, the original .45 upper is nowhere to be found.)
The only other marking I can find on the frame is in the attached pic. Any help is appreciated.


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Need more pictures to confirm if unmodified frame. If frame is unmodified with original finish the frame is worth about $700.
conversion about 500, so about 1200 full value quick sale 950. But if frame is modified or refinished cut price in half
The receiver is either a Model of 1911 U.S. Army, or a Model of 1911 U.S. Navy (depending on the last three digits) from 1914.
Thank you both for the replies. Can you tell enough from these pics? If not I can get back to his house and field strips it and get better pics. Wood Automotive exterior Air gun Tints and shades Handgun holster
Wood Gas Tints and shades Metal Household hardware
Wood Gas Gun accessory Auto part Metal
Wood Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Everyday carry
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Sorry I did not think to take more pics while I had it apart. At the time I was only trying to see if there were any other markings on it.
The receiver is from a 1915 Colt shipped to the Navy. There were 500 pistols shipped to the Navy that year. Your receiver is refinished and has a number of parts replaced. If you can find the rest of the original pistol, it would pay to put it back together and keep the conversion kit separately.
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