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Hello Addicts,

I have a few pistols that I have acquired recently in trade deals in the store and from fellow Addicts. Up first is a Nighthawk Counselor that I sold originally to a local customer. This pistol is still unfired and we took back in on trade on another Nighthawk.

Part of the Ambassador Series, 3.5" Bull Barrel, Smallest & Lightest Nighthawk, Concealed Carry Model, Aluminum Frame, Titanium Grip Screws, G10 Grips, Standard Rear Serrations with raised serrations in the front. I-Dot Tritium Sights

Frame is shortened so that with the magwell, it is a true Officer' Sized grip with still having a magwell. Magwell slides onto dovetails on both sides of the frame. Slides on from the front.
Mainspring housing slides up from the bottom. Instead of the magwell and mainspring being pinned through the frame, they are pinned together. Again, to save length on this Concealed Carry Gun. Those 2 being pinned together, the way the slide together, makes them ROCK SOLID.

Concealment Grip Safety and Hammer
Bushingless Barrel, with a flush recoil spring retainer
Full Length guide rod
Bevelled bottom of frame.

This pistol includes 2mags, NHC Bag, Test Target and everything that originally came with the pistol.

I am asking 3400.00 shipped.

I do accept trades, cash, checks and credit cards with no fees. We offer financing and have layaway options.


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Jess.... If this unit had a more conventional slide treatment it would already be on it's way.

Someone with different likes than myself should snatch this up!!

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As an owner of one, I'd say it's the best 1911 I have ever shot; smooth, very accurate and the recoil is virtually "nil", follow-up shots are the easiest on any gun I have ever shot.

The slide treatment has really grown on me, to the point I really like it and I would describe myself as a "traditionalist".

For anyone (the collector) that doesn't like it -- try it it'll grow on you. It's by far my most favorite 1911 in my collection.
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