Sponsor USED Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry II

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    Nov 25, 2016
    Good afternoon Addicts.

    So I just finally got in a bunch more of my customers Wilson's that he is passing on. I took in 9 today to be exact. One sold to a customer who was in the shop as we were going through the boxes....Ill try to get them all listed.
    • Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry II
    • 45ACP
    • Black Slide
    • Bronze Frame
    • Railed Frame
    • Black Small Parts
    • Gold Bead Front Sight
    • Slide has BW on the rear and has XTAC Elite Marked on front
    I am asking 2800.00 shipped.

    I accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards with no fees. We offer layaway and financing.


    IMG_20181102_122132.jpg IMG_20181102_122105.jpg IMG_20181102_122253.jpg IMG_20181102_122231.jpg IMG_20181105_135053.jpg
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