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Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by GrayGhost, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. GrayGhost

    GrayGhost Member

    Mar 21, 2020
    Hey guys, my dad gave me a couple of his mid 90's custom 1911's I was hoping someone could chime in as far as value. Please excuse the dirty guns, I put a few hundred rounds through each. Both are .45.

    First is a Les Baer that was sent in to Marc Krebs of Krebs custom for a complete overhaul including hard chrome.

    IMG_1996.JPG IMG_1997.JPG

    Second is a Caspian Custom(double stack) with a Wilson barrel. This was his former USPSA Limited blaster built on a Para frame. Not sure who the smith was that did the work but knowing my dad it was done right. If anyone is familiar with the work that would be great! IMG_1998.JPG IMG_1999.JPG IMG_2001.JPG
  2. dasroofr

    dasroofr Well-Known Member

    Jul 13, 2019
    Sorry, no idea on value, but wanted to say, "Nice Pistols"!! Tell us how they shoot?

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  3. Roehl

    Roehl Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2019
    Those look like very nice guns. Have you shot them? They look like good shooters. My dad doesn’t have any fancy firearms to pass down. He just bought what works but I have taken him to shoot mine and all he says well they both shoot like they suppose to. He just doesn’t care for the finer details in guns. All he cares about if they go bang :). I am sure you have some nice memories with those pistols

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  4. GrayGhost

    GrayGhost Member

    Mar 21, 2020
    They both shoot wonderfully but the SS Baer/Krebs a step above and is on par in every aspect compared to my Atlas Hyperion.
  5. GrayGhost

    GrayGhost Member

    Mar 21, 2020
    Anyone? anyone? Bueller? :)
  6. switchback

    switchback Well-Known Member

    Jun 2, 2014
    Can't really help much on value but I'll say whatever the market will bare. They are nice older pieces with family sentimental value pretty high I'd say
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  7. Countrydraftsman

    Countrydraftsman New Member

    Feb 26, 2020
    Since they were you Fathers, I'd say the value is priceless! Shoot 'em, take care of them and pass along to your kids! Nice guns by the way! :)
  8. tiburonaz

    tiburonaz Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Apr 10, 2016
    Those are really neat pistols, but with Nighthawks and Wilson Combats languishing at $2000 or less, it is a tough secondary market right now for quality 1911's.

    I do agree with countrydraftsman, things passed down from father to son may have a value beyond monetary.
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  9. Slapshot

    Slapshot Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2017
    I was going to say this ^^^^^^^
  10. hpguru

    hpguru Well-Known Member

    Dec 4, 2017
    I’ll take the Baer!
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  11. WC145

    WC145 Every day is Saturday and every night's a party!

    Jan 1, 2013
    Without knowing all the work that was done to the guns it's hard to put a dollar value on them, especially with today's soft market.

    Marc Krebs' pistols are outstanding and have a small following but there aren't a lot of his guns around, few are seen on the market, and, since he's been out of pistols for almost 20 years, lots of people have no idea about his 1911 and race gun work. The Baer has some intrinsic value as a Hillsdale gun but I don't see a Krebs logo on the gun so unless you've got an invoice or some other provenance showing that Marc built it and what work was done to a buyer it's just an older used Baer, I'd call it $1250-$1500 these days, depending on your market. If you have some proof of Marc's work and a list of what was done then it's what the market will bear depending on the work, might add $200, might add $2000, might not help at all.

    The Caspian is kind of in the same boat without knowing who did the work. Cool gun but it's a used competition piece that's got plenty of miles on it. I'd say maybe $900-$1200, again depending on your market.
  12. sawman556

    sawman556 Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2020
    Cool guns! Keep them! My dad never gave me anything nearly that cool!
  13. azguy1911

    azguy1911 I'm done buying guns, I'm just a bystander now

    Oct 22, 2015
    Point me toward one NH or WC under $2,000 :roll:
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  14. gun_fan111

    gun_fan111 Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2014
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  15. GrayGhost

    GrayGhost Member

    Mar 21, 2020
    Thank you for the response. I'd never sell the Krebs but was more out of curiosity as it's the gun I grew up shooting. As for the Caspian I'd probably be open to get rid of it for around $1,000 if I see something else I had to have.

    Again, appreciate your insight!
  16. WC145

    WC145 Every day is Saturday and every night's a party!

    Jan 1, 2013
    I love Marc's work, I have three of his guns. His work is hard to find, people don't seem to let his 1911s go easily. It's too bad more folks don't know about him.

    BTW, looking those two guns over, it would appear that either your father spec'd them out similarly or the same person did the work on both guns. You might call Marc Krebs and ask about them, if you can get him on the phone he may remember your dad or his gun(s), particularly the scallops on the top strap of the Caspian. I've spoken to him about all three of my Kreb's guns and he has a great memory for detail and each gun has an interesting story behind it that makes them that much more valuable to me.
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