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Vintage Python Wish Fulfilled- thanks to Xringchaser and TheCollector

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Many thanks to forum members TheCollector, for making the introduction, and Xringchaser, for providing just what I was searching for.
I had been on a quest for the perfect old Python. Everything I was seeing either had too many warts, or was being offered by unrealistic owners.

After a brief introduction, Xringchaser filled the prescription with “just what the doctor ordered”, and it was in my hands in 48 hours. I can’t gush enough praise over the perfect transaction.

1978 4” Python….. practically new in the box. It’s stunning in the photos but even more lovely in person.
Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Rectangle

Air gun Wood Trigger Gun barrel Revolver
Revolver Trigger Gun barrel Air gun Gun accessory

Oh, and btw….. “Yes, I am going to shoot it!”

That’s why I bought one that has more life left in it, than I do in me. ;)
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Ahhh, that “grail piece…FOUND” feeling. Enjoy the long honeymoon with that sweet piece! Thanks for sharing- awesome!
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