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This is a VLTOR stock for the M1A made by Springfield Armory. I had it mounted on my SOCCOM II and it makes it very handy. The stock has vertical adjustment for scope mounting and battery storage compartments on each side. It also has a single point sling mount. There is a rubber butt cover on the stock, and a storage compartment in the pistol grip. There are a couple "scrape" marks on the fore end of the stock where the lower part of the rail system on a SOCCOM II rubbed. A little magic marker or flat black paint and they're gone, or if you put it on a SOCCOM II you won't see them anyway. This is made from a carbon fiber composite material. Very light, yet strong. These were originally designed/made for the Military and are to MIL-SPEC standards. VLTOR sells these new for over $500.00. I want $200.00 and I'll include shipping costs. The first pic below is the stock on my M1A (This is for the stock alone, not the rifle or the EOTech sight). The other pics are just of the stock itself. sling attachment NOT included.
SA M1A.jpg
P.S. This should fit any SA M1A with the following dimensions..... length from the back of the trigger guard to the end of the fore stock (where it fits against the stock ring) is 20 3/8". In the 2nd photo above that is the distance from the end of the stock to the point just in front of the pistol grip (rear of trigger guard).
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