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Brown Gun Firearm White Trigger
Gun Brown Firearm Trigger White
Text Font Paper Paper product Beige
Musical instrument accessory Hardwood Wood stain Hand tool Tool
Wood Hardwood Flooring Floor Grey
Trigger Tan Metal Beige Shotgun
Luke did this build for me a good while back on a Para Lightweight commander frame that I bought new specifically for this project. Build sheet shows all his work. Although all Volkmann’s are beautiful, this one is built for carry and reliability rather than a display case. Volkmann thin bobtail grips, ionbond matte finish, Volkmann tailhook rear sight and Trij HD tritium front sight, lightweight and slim, this one is all business. Sadly it has spent the majority of its life being under appreciated resting in my safe and is being offered for sale as one of my last .45acp pistols to leave the stable.

$3400 shipped (and insured) to your FFL. Please send any questions via PM.
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