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“The Government Model in 45 ACP has won the world over. I am proud to build 1911s that keep that traditional look of the 100 year old pistol. Even with the modern grip safety and new sight styles, most of my guns maintain a nostalgic appearance. I work hard to shape and straighten the lines of the pistol, hand-fitting the moving parts and hand-polishing for days until it hurts, and in the end - it shows.” - Luke Volkmann

Luke grew up admiring 1911 gunsmiths of the day, like Jim Clark and Armand Swenson, who showcased their work in gun magazines or on Saturday morning’s Shooting USA television show. Growing up in the Midwest, Luke would see Ed brown and Les Baer guns in his local gun store display case, and while he appreciated their craft, he also thought of ways they could be improved upon. Luke was majoring in fine arts at ISU in Ames IA in 2000 when he began to realize that to have a successful and enjoyable career he needed to combine his love of firearms’ mechanics with his artistic drive to create workable (and shootable) art that people could enjoy. So he changed course and enrolled in gunsmithing school. In 2004, he was hired right out of that school by Ed Brown, moved to Perry MO, and thus began his official career in 1911 pistolsmithing.

In 2007 Luke left Ed Brown and he and a partner formed Volkmann Custom. The partnership was dissolved in 2011 and Luke set off truly on his own with the formation of Volkmann Precision LLC. Since then Luke has distinguished himself as a builder of exceptionally beautiful 1911 pistols.

Folks, what I have here is somewhat of a unique pistol, at least I've never seen a magwell that incorporates the gun's grips in the process.

CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PICS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6RNgtxyt6Jr9dDKPA

Salient Build Details:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • "Gripwell" on Carbon Fiber VZ Grips
  • High Grip Cut
  • Monogrammed Bushing Set
  • Fluted Barrel Hood
  • French Border
  • Serrated Heel
  • Ball Radius Cuts
  • Volkmann Battlehook Rear Sight
  • Gold Dot Front Sight
  • Naked Slide - Rear Logo
  • Mirror Polished Traditional Blue
  • Addicts Pricing: $5,250 shipped Cash or Credit

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Dang, I am not getting the pictures!
Just the first one for me.
OK thanks for the portfolio, well done!

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That is so sweet. I kick myself for not ordering the gripwell in my last Volkmann.

I’ve been lucky enough to own two of Luke’s pistols and there’s only one thing better than the way they look. That is the way they shoot. My advice to anyone thinking about it; give Luke a call. By the time you get off the phone, you’ll have no doubts this guy is the real deal.

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