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1. [SOLD] Dan Wesson 5" .45 ACP barrel - this barrel has clearly been shot but not by me. I bought this used but it's just sat so I'm looking to get this to a better home. $70 shipped

2. [SOLD] 10-8 Mag Catch - I dropped this into a gun and then took it out. Hasn't been cut on or modified in any way. $25 shipped

3. [SOLD] Harrison retro spur hammer - this was also dropped into a gun and I cycled the slide in dry fire but is otherwise unmodified in any way. It'll come with a Wilson bulletproof hammer strut installed. $65 shipped

4. VZ black cherry Diamondback 5 lpi grips w/ super scoop and ambi cut - $45 shipped

As always, feel free to make an offer! I take paypal f&f or venmo. Thanks for looking!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts