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    Mar 22, 2018
    Posted this on another 1911 site, thought it might be of interest here:

    As we older guys know, as we age our eyes don’t function like they did when we were younger. In shooting it means that, although the target is supposed to be a little “blurry”, it’s not supposed to be a “hazy blob”. Quick target acquisition and shooting at distances just becomes more and more difficult. I’m 70 and started wearing contact lenses a few years ago, which helped but doesn’t totally solve the problem.

    Recently I bought a Wilson Combat Centurion.....very nice pistol. In my first outing with this pistol I was able to consistently stay within a 6” target at 15-20 yards. In the past I would try shooting at that distance and give up because I couldn’t stay on the target. My second outing was better and I’m convinced that with more practice I’ll be able to start respectable groups at 20 yards.

    What made the Centurion different then most of my other pistols was the Ameriglo “Hackathorn” front sight, it’s is big and bright. I’m now using the Centurion for IDPA type training and informal competition. Target acquisition is much faster and easier with this sight, great improvement for me. I’m so pleased with this sight I decided to try it on my Wilson Combat Professional. While I haven’t shot it yet, I’m sure it will be a huge improvement over the WC f/o sight that came on the Professional.


    Not sure what other 1911’s this sight will fit on, but it’s worth looking into.
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    Apr 8, 2017
    I’ve got that same sight (or very similar) on one of my glocks,it helps a lot! I may try to find a smith that can put pine on a couple of my revolvers.

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