Weigand 4PJ Executive S&W 940

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    A few years back I acquired a S&W 640 that Jack did and I sold it to get some funds to start a business among a few other guns. Some guns I don’t miss and wouldn’t purchase now but the 640 is one that I wish I still had. After some searching on GunBroker I stumbled across this 940 that Jack did in the same 4PJ package my 640 had. As fate would have it all of my pistols are in 9mm so this would fit in perfect. I messaged the seller and we came to terms.

    This particular 940 has everything that the 4PJ package offered....custom ported barrel, trigger job, modified cylinder release, and night sights. The cool thing about this particular gun is that the night sights incorporate two tritium vials set in the rear sight notch, something I haven’t seen in other 4PJ guns. It also came with some Cocobolo Craig Spegel boot grips which are hard to come by nowadays.

    Here are some pics...

    View attachment 236123 40C0F874-6219-4546-BBDE-57EBB27521C2.jpeg 500B96AF-73DD-4D0B-A6EB-58632ED70EA2.jpeg 693C46DD-551D-48B3-AD3B-AFA3BEC4C271.jpeg 94761443-713F-4BDC-94A9-73D874F7E5EE.jpeg 72C3072C-1018-44F4-93DD-9D8204B38EBD.jpeg E7616B81-8BFD-4B83-BCF6-6D3FBB522093.jpeg 3B703856-892B-4FEA-80D3-82B0EA6FF973.jpeg A0D7E1B0-4951-46D2-AF84-FEE2C1333623.jpeg D3471641-5AF6-4902-A4FE-D72BB862EDB3.jpeg
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    Man...you’re a lucky dawg! That’s a nice one!

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