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What’s a sti uspsa worth?

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Curious what these sell for? Got offered one. No idea on value. Looks like Sti’s highest end single stack?
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I wouldn’t call it the highest end sti at all. Now wat it a very fine 1911 worth more than original MSRP? Yes. That said it’s in 40s&w which is not very popular outside of competition and dated.

Depending on condition I would think in good condition retail would be between $1500 - $2200 depending on where you are and how bad you want it.
I grabbed it. $1460 shipped. It’s 9mm and mint w box. Im curious about it. I’ll try it. If I don’t like I’ll resell and make few bucks. I know nothing about the model. Saw someone say it’s pretty much a sentinel with different serrations
Wait, did you get the single stack or double stack? I was quoting the single stack. If you got the double stack then that’s basically an STI Edge and you ca be up the price estimate I gave you by $400-$500.
Single stack. If I resell it and don’t make $200-500 I expect you to pay me the difference!


did a side deal off GB
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