What’s Your Favorite CCO and Why?

Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by Nalajr, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Nalajr

    Nalajr Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2015
    Hey all.

    I’ve wanted a CCO for the longest time but never had the spare money when one I liked came up. Now I’m gonna start saving what I can here and there and when I get enough, I’m finally gonna get a CCO with the aluminum frame to make carrying it more comfortable. I haven’t decided on what caliber yet. I’ll leave that for later I guess.

    In the meantime, what CCO sized 1911 is your favorite and why? Maybe look at it this way....if you didn’t currently have one and found yourself really wanting one, which one would you get, in what caliber, finish and frame material??

    Please post a pic if you already have 1.....or a few!!

    If you had a ‘smith build you one, that counts too. Tell about it and since it’s more special....pics are therefore MANDATORY! I am pretty sure the by-laws here at 1911addicts state that if you do not post pics of these “more special” 1911’s when asked, you can be put on Double Secret Probation and your key to the Members Crapper will be taken away until the probation is lifted.
    You surely don’t want anything like that to happen....do you? I’ll tell on you too...I really will. As soon as I find out WHO exactly controls such things.

    Have a good week all.
  2. 41 Charlie

    41 Charlie Get off my lawn...

    Feb 4, 2014
    Hey Larry,
    Although I’m a big fan of the CCO platform, I only own one (Les Baer Stinger) chambered in 45 ACP. She’s no light weight, all steal (Hard Chrome) but she carries quite well. If I was wanting a light weight, I’d probably look at a Dan Wesson. I’m very pleased with my Dan Wesson LW Vigil Government model. I believe they also have a Vigil CCO. Good luck in your search.

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  3. Sneaky One

    Sneaky One Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2016
    My only CCO is a Dan Wesson. It has been flawless thru maybe 1500 rounds, and is a very accurate gun. The lightweight and duty treat make it an excellent carry option. No wear showing yet.
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  4. ronin11

    ronin11 Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Apr 17, 2017
    I have several (6) in the CCO configuration - the one with the 'lightweight' frame is the 9mm DW Valkyrie.

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  5. nix_gary

    nix_gary Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2017
    I don’t have one yet but really want to check out the combat unit cco that colt just released at shot

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  6. Babboonbobo

    Babboonbobo Avatar is back to my favorite things!

    Nov 18, 2014
    My CCO is an older Wilson CQB in the only caliber that matters 45acp, green steel frame, black slide and I love it because it shoots as soft or softer than my full size guns! This is my edc gun:) BE9AD0DC-DFFE-4B08-BE32-F9F397E329A1.jpeg
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  7. simonp

    simonp Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2016
    My favorite is the only one I own. It’s a Colt CCO that Don Williams / The ActionWorks built for me after I spent a couple of years fruitlessly looking for one here in Kalifornia. Series 80 frame & Series 70 slide, Jarvis match barrel - pics will have to wait as its presently with Jardine for a couple of tweaks ;)

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  8. stlgecko

    stlgecko Gecko Lives Matter

    May 24, 2014
    I have 3 but no favorite. Two are T3’s, one 9 and one 45.

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  9. joepilot

    joepilot So soon old, so late smart... Supporting Addict

    May 17, 2015
    My favorite CCO will be whichever one I finally get! Been wanting a pistol in CCO configuration for years. Just haven't had opportunity and budget match up yet. Someday though!!
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  10. sparkyfender

    sparkyfender Active Member

    Nov 26, 2017
    I only have one at present.........

    I think these are discontinued?

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  11. CT72

    CT72 Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2015
    B78CE031-4013-44B2-95E7-9E261E4ABEE3.jpeg This little Baer Stinger 9MM has been a extremely accurate favorite for me.
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  12. hks1911

    hks1911 Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2018
    I do like the DW which has the front strap checkering (forgot which model). I got a Colt Wiley Clapp so I could get the nice front strap. I have mine in 45 and it is really shootable.

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  13. TheCollector

    TheCollector Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2018
    My only two CCO's are Guncrafters. A SS in .45 & this smoked in 9mm.

    IMG_2304 (2).jpg
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  14. Jim PHL

    Jim PHL Well-Known Member

    Jan 26, 2013
    I have a Sig C3 and like it a lot. Something about the CCO style just seems to balance just right for me.
  15. MRC

    MRC Member

    Feb 18, 2019
    I always liked the idea of a CCO, but didn't care for the original Colt CCO's finish or sights. I plan to build one on a Caspian slide/frame set, eventually. I have a buddy's older Springfield Compact (4" bushing barrel w/Officer's frame) to rebuild this Summer. I bought a SIG C3 after three 1911 gunsmiths I really respect all telling me they (SIG in general, not necessarily the C3) think they're some of the best bang for the buck in a production 1911.

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  16. zipper046

    zipper046 Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2013
    My only one...a DW CCO circa 2014...lightweight frame, .45acp, carries well and is a laser. Only thing i don’t like is the scalloped front-strap treatment...not enough grip...but skateboard tape fixed that..LOL.

    I do like the Baer Stingers....soft spot for them...but not sure about the extra weight (steel frame) over an alloy frame.

    View attachment 243557 new shoes right.JPG new shoes left.JPG
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  17. Whiskey Sour

    Whiskey Sour Blossoming Addict

    Apr 13, 2017
    I only have one. A DW Valkyrie in 9mm. I have only carried it once or twice, and it has been living in it's case in the safe ever since.
  18. Nalajr

    Nalajr Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2015
    Beautiful stuff guys!!
    Thanks for posting them.

  19. tac45

    tac45 What me worry ? Supporting Addict

    Mar 4, 2012
    I ordered one of these , I love Monos .

  20. Karsten

    Karsten Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2013
    Only thing I have close in my old SA Lwt Compact.

    Officer Frame with the Commander slide that was discontinued just before I ordered it.


    I guess today SA again is offering a Range Officer Compact......Maybe someday I will pick one ip.

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