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What did you shoot today?

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To be fair, these were from yesterday:

Rock Island GI .45
RIA GI .45 by awp101, on Flickr

Ruger SR1911 Commander size
SR1911 CDR by awp101, on Flickr

S&W Model 57
IMG_0844 by awp101, on Flickr

Ruger target, 50rds at 7yds. The low shots were the first ones. The rest were after I made my self slow down and focus
SR1911 CDR 7yds 230g 50rds by awp101, on Flickr

Model 57 target, 12 rds at 7yds. My first go 'round with the .41 Magnum and I can certainly see the attraction
Mod57 7yds 185g Hornady 12rds by awp101, on Flickr

Let's see who else has been burning powder recently!
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Ran my ECO 9 and my new Xtac commander
Had to adjust the site on the Xtac shot way low at 15 yards . Once dialed in it was good 2” targets
I am really impressed with the ECO it shoots great groups for such a small gun
Went next door and shot a couple of IDPA arrays and the little ECO was only off by .25 second from the Xtac 😊on my best times View attachment 1117940
When you finally realize that your Dan Wesson ECO is a piece of trash, Ill take it off your hands;)
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60 years old and finally shot my first buck this morning! 😁
View attachment 1124601
Now its time to skin that bad boy!
Thick neck. Im guessing you live in a colder climate. We dont get them that thick in Texas
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Shot my only Dan Wesson today, 357 from 1985/86ish

Wow, wow, wow! That is gorgeous!
Blued DW revolvers are something to behold. Classic Beauties
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They were having a S&W demo day when we went to the range. I shot the new M&P9 M2.0 Metallic in the middle below. I have to say they did a good job with the weight and balance of the metallic frame. Even better they improved the trigger pull significantly over the v.2 plastic. That's my 5 shots in the head A-zone at 10 yds. Overall a better option than the plastic, if this type of gun is what you're after.
View attachment 1148661

View attachment 1148662

View attachment 1148663

View attachment 1148664
Its going to hard to NOT pick up a metallic S&W. They look great, and are priced right. I have the polymer performance center version, and it is probably in my top 3 or 4 best shooters
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I went to the indoor range today and fired up the wood stove 😊 I almost went to my other club to shoot steel but it was only 54 degrees out 🤣🤣🤣
Tomorrow is a high of 18 😳
I wish I had my own range. I have a great local indoor range, and an exceptional outdoor range (rifles/longguns) that are close to me.

BUT, they have been absolutely slammed the last couple of days. Everyone taking advantage of days off, bringing family and friends to shoot, etc.

Im going to call today and ask what the ranges/wait times look like. I can usually get to the ranges when they are complete ghost towns, but Christmas is rough for getting in
One club I belong to that has a 24 hour indoor range only has 300 members there is never anyone at that club the other club that I belong to has 1100 members and you can’t go near that place on a weekend or holiday.
I have a small steel range at the house but no way am I going out there this time of year far too cold. I primarily use that to practice during competition season.
I totally hyped myself up to go to the outdoor range on Friday to just shoot as long as I wanted. It was 18 degrees outside, and I thought "nope, Im good"
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For those interested
Larry is a total stud! Whatever he suggests, I adopt.
The "editing" in his gun reviews is amazing! The slo-mo shots are next level
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Nighthawk Falcon, a Thunder Ranch (NHC), and a Desert Eagle (just in case anyone annoys me at the range). When I'm at the range and the person next to me rapid fires his AR (and not hitting anything) just to make noise, I like to have something louder (e.g., Desert Eagle or S&W 500).

Smile Shorts Human body Gesture Thigh
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Ran the BFM drill at 8 yards then the OFT qual slightly altered (shorter time because of no draw
Shocked at how well the new SA Vickers shot love this one it is well worth the asking MSRP. Nicely fit and shot drills clean many times today with it 👍many thanks to the member that sold it to me .
The Kc9 shot great same accuracy as my 5” guns on arrays and about 1 second slower on average . View attachment 1194280
How is that Vickers Master Class treating you? Such a great looking 1911!
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