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What did you shoot today?

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To be fair, these were from yesterday:

Rock Island GI .45
RIA GI .45 by awp101, on Flickr

Ruger SR1911 Commander size
SR1911 CDR by awp101, on Flickr

S&W Model 57
IMG_0844 by awp101, on Flickr

Ruger target, 50rds at 7yds. The low shots were the first ones. The rest were after I made my self slow down and focus
SR1911 CDR 7yds 230g 50rds by awp101, on Flickr

Model 57 target, 12 rds at 7yds. My first go 'round with the .41 Magnum and I can certainly see the attraction
Mod57 7yds 185g Hornady 12rds by awp101, on Flickr

Let's see who else has been burning powder recently!
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Had the rifle range at the club all to myself yesterday. I put new Sig Romeo5 dots on my Sig M400 Tread and Rock River RRage so had to do 25 and 50 yrd. sightings.
That's a great looking range!
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Is it ok if I'm not interested in your drills as much as I'm interested in that killer Ed Brown?!? I love that thing!! :love:
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I stole that thing 😊 thank you Gun Broker 🤣🤣
Is it a 45? I can't say I've seen one like that with carry cuts before. All aluminum?
9mm alloy frame , very light pistol has some carry wear and 3 dot night sights . I am going to send it back for blacked out rear and HD orange ring front , probably replace the thumb safety with the medium size too while it is there .
So far I am pretty darn happy , for such a light pistol it shoots well . I am a huge fan of carry cuts and bobtails 🤩
I like your style 🤙
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I was an.e to shoot quite a few of these also. The only problem was one I was afraid of, shot both the BDS and a TRS Double Stack Comped and have decided I need one.

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Funny. I shot the same gun and came to the exact same conclusion 🤣
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