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What did you shoot today?

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To be fair, these were from yesterday:

Rock Island GI .45
RIA GI .45 by awp101, on Flickr

Ruger SR1911 Commander size
SR1911 CDR by awp101, on Flickr

S&W Model 57
IMG_0844 by awp101, on Flickr

Ruger target, 50rds at 7yds. The low shots were the first ones. The rest were after I made my self slow down and focus
SR1911 CDR 7yds 230g 50rds by awp101, on Flickr

Model 57 target, 12 rds at 7yds. My first go 'round with the .41 Magnum and I can certainly see the attraction
Mod57 7yds 185g Hornady 12rds by awp101, on Flickr

Let's see who else has been burning powder recently!
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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to exercise my S&W 24-6 (6") and S&W 19-3 (2.5"). Always enjoy my range days!
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Keystone cricket, ruger sr22 , ruger 10/22 charger takedown. All .22lr. It was range day with the kids (9 and 5).

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These are some of the best pictures on the thread! Thanks for passing the torch!!
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Great opportunity, and great pictures!
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View attachment 410087 Half a box of 230 FMJ and 15 200SWC just breakin' the new barrel in. I know I shouldn't use the lead yet but wanted to see how it shot.
Love the clean hole cut from the SWCs! 185-200 gr. SWCs are my favorite!!
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Two S&Ws - 19-3 and a 65-3 for 200 38s over Titegroup. A good day.

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Sometimes not having to bend over and pick up brass, is a good thing!
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