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Shot a pair of .45's today.

Kobra Carry & Monolith Heavyweight. First range session with the KC.

Started to get into the groove with the Brown and it failed to go into battery. Gave it a rest and finished off the mags in the Baer.

Both felt really good. My eyes coulda used some help. Just wearing $1.50 plastic safety glasses.

Center mass with the KC. Finished up alternating aimed head shots & fast belt line shots (below guesstimated body armor location) with the Baer.

Figured I'd clean today's carry gun, UTC, along with them. It was long overdue.

The girls weren't too happy about having to move so I work. :)

Grip swap on the Brown.

These two really were overdue.

Did a grip swap on the Monolith, too.

Moved the Mono grips over to the UTC so I can try to recondition what it was wearing.

Gonna leave 'em on there a while and see how they feel when carrying.


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2721 - 2740 of 4375 Posts