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I snuck over to a private range today with 100 rounds of Speer Lawman Small Primer 230 grain ball .45.
Heat index was into the triple digits, and I could feel it.
This is my very first outing with my new to me DWV 5"

I decided to shoot our qualification as the maiden voyage.
Our qual is based on a hi cap Glock with one mandatory reload.
I got the course modified for low capacity semi auto and revolver, so those times are different.
The times below are for low capacity semi auto.
I could very easily use 10 round mags and shoot that course with those times, but I don't trust 10 round mags for duty use. I get intermittent first round fails to feed. So NOPE!
15 yards - 10 rounds 20 seconds (I have to do a reload)
10 yards - 3 rounds reload 3 rounds 12 seconds
7 yards - 10 rounds 12 seconds (I have to do a reload)
5 yards - 5 rounds from the holster 6 seconds
5 yards - 5 rounds from alternate hand only from ready 6 seconds
5 yards - 3 rounds body, 2 rounds head 6 seconds X 2
3 yards - 2 rounds from the holster 3 seconds X 2

Here is my 50 round maiden voyage and while I have some out of the circle 😔 that is still a 100, but I like to test myself and keep them all in the circle.
The first stage I pushed it too hard and finished in 17 seconds and some change. I shot it way too fast/sloppy and two in the lower left out of the circle was the end result :oops:
The rest of the stages were going good until one hand left hand. My very last left hand only shot fell short of the circle in the middle of the other two 15 yards shots.
Then at 3 yards I was shooting fast with .20 split double taps and the second shot on the first string was high. I had .5 second to spare, so no reason to go blaze. 🙁

Then I tried my hand on some free hand accuracy (if you want to call it that)
The sun was full on and washed out my front sight. I much prefer a post or undercut for accuracy shooting. The sun made the ramped tritium front sight a white blob to me.
Plus 230 ball and 4.5 trigger does not lend itself to the best accuracy.
so here it goes, 5 rounds on each target at various distances in yards.

I last shot accuracy matches in 2019.
2020 was cancelled due to COVID
2021 was cancelled due to ammo shortage
2022 has not been a good shooting year for me. The LE Club I've shot with since mid 2000s had a reduced season this year, however I have not able been able to get off work for any of the matches. :mad:

5 and 10 yards was horrible.
15 was spread out and then 25 yards, I shot underneath a covered area, and it was much more relaxed without the sun burning a hole in you. On the big flyer to the left on 25 yards, I like to check my work through my sights, I must have moved as I dont recall when that happened for the 5 shots.
I would like to try again with 200 LWSC.

The 10-8 Signatures are grippy.

and the final pose

Slight issue
I was hearing and feeling a faint click on the initial trigger press. I think on another post, I said this gun has a decent 4.5# trigger press with a touch of creep (which I like).
I mis-diagnosed the trigger press. It has some take up slack, hit the wall of tension, there's the little click, press and hammer fall.

I am not sure what that faint trigger click is, but I feel there is zero trigger travel at hammer fall. I wonder if the Over Travel stop is adjusted too tight and it needs some additional clearance.

I paid $1600 for this piece and well worth the coin. The accuracy potential can be extracted with a better front sight, 3.5 trigger press and my target reloads. I am not a fan of the current ramped tritium front sight. I will attempt to figure out the trigger click. I don't feel or see any movement of any other parts when I hear the trigger click. I am hoping for an adjustment on the OT screw.

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Spent a swell morning on the range with the P365XL... Mainly working on drawing from concealment, wasn't my best day, but the overall result was acceptable.
Recently switched to Appendix carry, and I need to put in the work to become more proficient with my draw and presentation under live fire.
More work and dry practice time needed!
Well, that was my morning... now off to some honey-do's.
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Strange from draw in surrender position with 5” 1911 79.25% A class shooter
Low ready .22 pistol 58.85% C class shooter
Both iron sights
I thought .22 would be way easier and I seem to do far better with a 9mm 1911 maybe because I have very little trigger time on the .22 who knows 🤔

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WC sentinel, NH Thunder ranch, DW Valor , EB KC9,NH Counselor
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WC Sentinel compact 9
NH counselor
150 rounds each
Various Wilson mags 10r , 9r, 8r etc
No malfunctions of any kind - neither pistol has ever had a hiccup period
Starting out at 8 yards with a 3” shoot n c then over to IDPA array both were very accurate for small pistols and recoil was about the same which seemed odd
Some reason I like the sentinel a little better but both are amazing carry pieces
Zero down on a timer at 14 yards with both pistols mozambique drill three targets with mag change
Big thumbs up to both pieces 👍
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