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Now its time to skin that bad boy!
Thick neck. Im guessing you live in a colder climate. We dont get them that thick in Texas
We're in Maine, getting chilly now. He was a nice buck, 174lbs hanging weight.

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Nighthawk Valor 45
Nighthawk Cost CCO (Warhawk) 45
Both exceeded my expectations havent shot either in a while both very light recoiling pistols for 45
As always I had a few fliers
Valor shoots an 1” right so going to have to bump that rear sight a smidge .
8 yards on a timer
2” target
.75 splits so kind of slow on purpose first 5 rounds were in the orange with the Costa then it went to hell 🤣🤣
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Last Sunday was a great day at the range with my wife and darling daughter. We shot two of my P229s and a Colt AR.

Daughter really knows how to find the bottom of my ammo cans. 😜

Great time was had by all. Just love the family time around the holidays. -Marue

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Went to test out my new to me SA compact 9mm that I bought from @Karl Beining , I did a trigger job on it and polished it up inside. Accurate doesn’t describe it. Did have some light strikes which I am attributing to the ILS crap but I have a new MSH and spring coming to fix that. So I ended up shooting my Garrison and EMP Ronin. Damn I love these guns.

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Now the day is done. A minor reflection to a great day.

RIA 9mm government- easy to shoot, and I started at 25 yards. A solid 1911.

357 Blackhawk- fun but the smooth grips made it slip after each shot, but soo much fun.

22mag Henry- i sighted it in and hit the steel target from 25 yards to 100. I love that little gun.

5.56 Rock River. Spot on and the adjustments on the vortex scope made it more surgical. I will be pressing my own and using it to push it accurately out to 400 or 500 yards.

5.56 colt- These just perform and no hesitation for a head shot at 100 yards.

308 Ruger M77-spot on and Damn I love shooting that gun.

308 Savage- This is a nice shorter chassis and a great muzzle break. It is awesome ringing steel with big guns.
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