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Purchased this EDC X9 with light rail from @Chicken Dinner Arms, and picked it up last Saturday. This morning I played hooky and ran 100+ rounds through it.

Hey-- if you're considering one, I'll give it a resounding double thumbs up. People say it all the time about pistols--- but it is so soft shooting that it cycles like a .22 cal. I very much like the texture of the grips-- probably my favorite right now, and it's lighter than I anticipated.

Fun shooting gun, and I'm looking forward to really putting some rounds downrange in an extended session.

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Son-in-law brought over a Taurus G2 he just got, thought he should shoot it before carrying it but all he had was one box of 115gr FMJ. Fixed him up with a couple more boxes of range ammo and a box of 9BPLE for carry. While we were out back I ran a couple of mags through the Scorpion and the .45 Kriss. The Kriss is cool but the Scorpion is a little beast, lovin' that thing.


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Old targets LOL! What can I say I'm frugal!
There's also 5 .38 WC in there!

It's those subversive .38 shooters! It's a conspiracy!

Never ask for a shot of my IPSC item targets when I'm not shooting steel (and being lazy). They get so taped over they could be called religious artifacts since they're so holy! ;)

(you know I'm kidding) I do have 2 38spl wheel guns including a Colt Viper. My all time favorite 38spl handgun is a Giles gun I might get to shoot again this week.

I'm trying to talk the owner out of it... Don't know why, they're impractical, but this one just shoots soooo nicely. It's really the only gun I'll shoot bullseye with. Everything else are "practical" targets.

PPS, like your DW... good looking pistol
1401 - 1420 of 4375 Posts