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What manufacturer was the FIRST to integrate a Picatinny rail on the 1911?

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Just a general question I’ve always had. I tried to Google the answer but to no avail. I’m wondering, which manufacturer was the first to have an integral Picatinny rail on the 1911?

I’m not referring to the Dawson Style rail attachment. I mean an actual built in rail on the frame. Thanks in advance!
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Not sure I agree with Kimber. Springfield started selling the Professional (with or without rail) in 1998 and the TRP in 2001. Kimber was pretty early, but I believe Springfield got there first.
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I owned a TRP Operator with full dust cover (and rail) in 2001. Heavy gun, but strangely one I wish I'd hung onto.
No worries. At the time I was in the retail gun biz and was a master dealer for both Kimber and Springfield. I picked up the very first TRP Operator that came through the shop. I have never really loved Springfield, but I wish I'd kept that one. Especially seeing what they sell for these days!
Yep. Every good single action army needs one. :ROFLMAO:
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That makes a ton of sense. I tend to forget them since they sell components and not completed guns. But in line with the OP, I think that is probably the correct answer.
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