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keep the insides and outside lubricated/rust free

you can modify your slide stop to prevent/help with idiot scratches, I used diamond hard files but you can likely buy one already done for you, honestly if you do have one... it's not a huge deal if you actually shoot/use the gun

you will get scuff marks if using a holster. make a decision whether you want it to never be drawn or drawn a lot

putting a 1911 down on gravel when doing drills gives people heart attacks, but it's a tool if you want it to be

DO NOT CARRY IN POURING RAIN or soak the gun in water. If the internals get wet, you might be better off stripping it down and drying out the pieces by hand with paper towels or microfiber towel.

Mark your magazines and toss the unreliable ones into the range only/practice pile with clearly marked as so. I've had great luck with Wilson Combat and Chip Mc from long ago.

And there is nothing wrong with Glocks, especially in 9mm. They are excellent work tools and IMO are better at being "defensive usage" guns than 1911s. But they're not nearly as fun to shoot, own, play with.

and don't let people that don't know what they're doing with a 1911 handle it. if you do, tell them not to move the slide and hand it to the hammer down
1 - 1 of 97 Posts