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I say planned because we all go to the LGS far too ofetn & walk out with something we didn't go looking for, but was too good/nice/awesome/cheap to pass up. ;)

My short list is:
Steyr AUG
Stainless PPK
Some sort of 9mm, 380 or 22LR Derringer type
SxS Shotgun
KRISS Vector 9mm
POssibly Subcompact Canik to go with my Whiteout.

Not so short after all now LOL
The only thing unplanned for me the the last 10 years was the Guardian I bought from @Chicken Dinner Arms . Great pistol, great guys to deal with and very good price.

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1. KGB 38 Super Commander
2. Graff LW Commander 9mm (on order)
3.BEC Commander 9mm ( on order)
4. Graff steel Commander ‘73 9mm (on order)
5. Burton Commander 9mm
6.Rogers Steel Commander 9mm
7.Chen Steel Commander 9mm
9. Weatherby or Christiansen Arms 6,5 Creedmoor
Weatherby's are still using Howa barrels.
1 - 2 of 223 Posts