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Those are some seriously capable sevens.

.284 giants for sure.

I've never shot a .270 Weatherby. That's a beautiful rifle you have there.

15+ years back when I was hunting hardcore I was mighty fond of 7STW, 7RUM and of course, the 7mmRemMag.

I'd worked up a 7mm STW load using a 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip that was sizzling. Any shot that presented itself was good-to-go. Even on a pass through lung shot I'd get a bigtime wound. Neck shots would drop 'em in place and no meat loss from the shoulders.

That STW was a great round. The rifle I had it chambered in was a M700 with lightweight stock. Easy to carry....but it would get your full attention on the shooting range.
I feel that Jon Sundra would have been mad at me for not getting into the 7mm08 back then, too. :giggle:

As it were....the lease I hunted with the fields and clearcuts wasn't renewed and I went back to occasional hunting woods and logging roads...... .308Win, .270Win and .44mag.

Sold off those thumping sevens, but had a ball working up loads for them and seeing what could be done. Chronograph was in constant use back then. Cookin'
Thanks for the kind words. Yeah I love my 7mm STW, it's just a rock n roll cartridge. The 270 WMag is a perfect all around gun too, with much less kick. Extremely accurate both!!
My favorite handloaded rifle is my 8mm Rem Mag--I load up experimental compressed 150 gr's that are all over 3900+ fps.. it looks like the USS Missouri firing on Okinawa!! Flattest shooting gun I have ever owned. The 7 STW is a close second. The 270 Wmag is right there too.
Another gun I load hot and is an easy carry in mountains, is the 350 Rem Mag in a 600 laminated carbine. I shot a Muley in Central Wyoming one time in the neck and it folded on the spot--neck shots are the way to go if you can!

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Since this resurrected.....

I'm giving a bunch of guns to my son and don't shoot much anymore but I've always toyed around about a Linebaugh bisley 45lc. A friend built one off his 357 blackhawk and was so cool. Made it 5 shot with the octagon barrel cut off his 45-70 at about 6.5" and used 45-70 brass. His loads were 320gr lead sitting at the end of the cylender. I've shot hot 44 mags but this thing introduced you to the world of violent, way cool. 260gr get you back around 44mag territory but you better hang on to the 320s, never shot a handgun that put my hands over the top of my head....way too cool and nothing on this continent would scare me with that puppy.

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It's gonna be a turtle race for my next 1911. I have an IA S70 .38 Super in the works and an ACW Quantico .45 that was ordered a month or more ago. No rushes and no worries. Plenty of gats to shoot & carry in the meantime.

Revolvers.....will be a 4.25" Colt Python (current production).

Other than those.....no plans for a while.

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Planned is a 45acp government sized NHC with IOS, hopefully ambi, as I'm getting to the age where I'm taking leaving them to my lefty son into consideration. I think I'm pretty well set after that, but the impulse can be irresistible when sumpin' purdy shows up on the board ...

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I say planned because we all go to the LGS far too ofetn & walk out with something we didn't go looking for, but was too good/nice/awesome/cheap to pass up. ;)

My short list is:
Steyr AUG
Stainless PPK
Some sort of 9mm, 380 or 22LR Derringer type
SxS Shotgun
KRISS Vector 9mm
POssibly Subcompact Canik to go with my Whiteout.

Not so short after all now LOL
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