Which is the best double stack 1911 to buy?

Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by Alexy, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Alexy

    Alexy Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2016
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to potentially get a 1911 (45ACP) that can accept double stack mags. Does anybody have a good idea as to which is my best bet?

    I'm looking for just a simple 1911, nothing fancy or tactical. And I'm pretty thrifty, so I'm not looking to spend a fortune.

    Also, are the double stack mags for a 45acp 1911 all new standard spec/size? Or will each gun have its own special mag type?

    Thank you for any suggestions. This is my first time looking at double stack 1911s!
  2. Joe C

    Joe C Custom Pistolsmith Sponsor

    Sep 11, 2011
    Personally, I'd skip a double stack in .45 Auto. I've worked on plenty of them over the years and the 9mm or .38super is much more suited for the double stack platform.
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  3. gun_fan111

    gun_fan111 Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2014
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  4. grayghostforge

    grayghostforge Hit it while its hot

    May 17, 2017
    Given your parameters... Para

    If I was shopping on a budget......M&P 2.0 in 45acp. Right around $450 new & mags are easy to find/affordable.
  5. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2013
    Best bet and thrifty are not interchangeable terms.:(

    You basically have two different choices.
    SVI/STI who invented and rule the 2011 (Double stack 1911) realm.
    Or versions of the Para Ord. All your lower cost options will be variations of its design. Remington, RIA, etc. etc.

    Mags between the two main designs will not interchange. Nor will some other small parts. i.e. magazine releases. Other parts are purely "1911" and will require the same fitment as any other 1911.
  6. Greg45acp

    Greg45acp Double Secret Banned Supporting Addict

    Oct 31, 2016
    As someone who owned a Para-Ordnance P-14.45 I'd say you should buy an HK 45 or an M&P 45.
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  7. Descartian

    Descartian Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2017
    Double stack 1911's (2011's) and cheap are 2 words that do not go together. STI is the originator and still a great brand (I collect them). You can go with some cheap imitations but they're known to be unreliable.
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  8. BuckyP

    BuckyP Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    You sure about that, cause I have a couple friends that own pre-STI “2011s”.
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  9. BuckyP

    BuckyP Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2011
  10. Bugs

    Bugs Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011
  11. the.batman

    the.batman Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2013
    I called Remington and inquired about the R1 Recon Commander. The CS rep seemed very knowledgeable and advised that the frame and slide are machined from forgings- I believe Para frames were cast but don't know that for sure. Rem CS rep advised the general prints of the gun came from Para Ord but Remington has made a few changes/improvements since they acquired rights to the prints. Mags are Para Ord spec- standard 9mm are 18 round capacity. He advised the 'Series 80' linkage was standard (Colt spec) but I would like to see one of these guns to confirm. The rear sight cut is Novak spec not the proprietary Para Ord cut. I'm going to try a build on one of the R1 Commanders as soon as I free up some buy $.
  12. Humbucking

    Humbucking Well-Known Member

    Mar 11, 2016
    I agree with Joe C on this. Its a crap shoot with 45acp in a double stack 1911. I'm lucky to have one that runs with no issue. I have friends that have had nothing but headache though & a simple internet search will bring about weeks worth of horror storys.

    I have a few in 9mm (STIs & Para) that have never had a hiccup(knock on wood). It seems the issue with 45acp in a double stack comes down to the magazines & how they feed into the chamber.

    As for the mags being interchangeable, no such luck. With that being said, I do have a couple of 9mm STI mags that run fine in my Para, but the Paras wont run in the STI.
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  13. mikegalway

    mikegalway CEO of DILLIGAF industries Supporting Addict

    Feb 23, 2014
    If it didn't have to be a 2011 I'd go with a Sig P227
  14. Sapper

    Sapper Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jan 25, 2014
  15. RN47

    RN47 I'm just here for the gas. Supporting Addict

    Feb 22, 2018
    I recently bought a Remington Recon Commander from a fellow member after never having owned a doublestack 1911; granted it was worked over by Nighthawk so that likely made a significant difference but I am completely satisfied.


    When you heft a single stack 1911 in .45 in one hand, and this thing in the other it does feel like you're holding on to a 10lb dumbbell, and probably not optimal for concealed carry. Despite Remington's woes and misfires if you removed the rollmarks from this gun, and completely sanitized it-- most folks would say the fit and finish were very good-to-excellent. I'm certainly impressed and enjoy shooting it-- not one issue so far with two 14 round mags, and one 15 rounder. It's plenty accurate as well. My .02 cents. 20180921_225946.jpg
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  16. Descartian

    Descartian Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2017
    Yes I am. Virgil Tripp and Sandy Strayer started the company in 1980. After the company split STI and Sandy Strayer (Strayer-Vioght - SVI) shared the patent. I believe it ran out recently or it was licensed out as there are a handful of people manufacturing frames now.

    There was a few other double stack guns released in the 90's but they were based on a caspian frame which is similar to the Para Ordinance (now Remington) frame. Neither of those are 2011's and should not be called 2011's, they are double stack 1911's. They have a metal frame and grip similar to a regular 1911 frame just widened. A 2011 has a modular metal frame with an interchangeable grip. The transition of force from the metal frame to a plastic grip mitigates a lot of felt recoil.

    Who made your friends guns and when were they made?
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  17. Descartian

    Descartian Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2017
    Part of the reason for the heft is the almost double capacity of ammo you are carrying. The second part is that it is not a 2011 frame. Your gun has a one piece metal frame and grip. Most of my STI carry guns weigh in at 25-30 ounces (empty) varying in weight wether it's a steel or alloy frame.

    I've heard a lot of negative reviews on the Para/Remington guns. There was probably a reason it was sent off to Nighthawk and I'm sure they got her running 100%.
  18. Descartian

    Descartian Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2017
    AND one other point. The grip's on a non 2011 double stack 1911 are huge and bulky. The overall circumstance of a 2011 grip is only about 1/8" larger than a traditional 1911 with standard grips on it. The dimensions are just slightly different. Slightly shorter front to back and slightly thicker.
  19. Alexy

    Alexy Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2016
    Fun and self defense!
  20. Alexy

    Alexy Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2016
    Oh so 2011=1911. Got it.

    Should I just get a Glock 21 or something? I'd wanted something in 45 that wasn't just 7-8 rounds.

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