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    A teacher decides to let students go home
    early if they can name some quote origins.

    Teacher- "Who said- 'Four Score and Seven
    Years Ago'?" Before Johnny can open his
    mouth, Susie says- "Abraham Lincoln".
    Teacher- That's right Susie, you can go home."

    Teacher- "Who said- 'I Have A Dream"?
    Before Johnny can open his mouth, Mary
    says- "Martin Luther King."
    Teacher- "That's right Mary, you can go home."

    Teacher- "Who said 'Ask not what your
    country can do for you?" Before Johnny
    can open his mouth, Nancy says-
    "John F. Kennedy."
    Teacher- "That's right Nancy, you may also

    The teacher turns her back and Johnny
    yells in frustration, "I wish those dumb
    bit%$es would keep their f*%#@ mouths

    The teacher quickly turns around and she
    is livid and asks "WHO SAID THAT?!"
    Johnny replies- "Harvey Weinstein, Bill
    Clinton, and Matt Lauer." I'll see you
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