Wilson Combat 47D and ETM magazine size differences

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    The question was asked on a lesser forum, what is the size difference between a Wilson Combat 47D and ETM magazines with low profile base pads? How much will these magazines stick out of the gun? Are they true flush fit magazines?

    Well, I happen to have both magazines, and I also happen to have low profile base pads for both. I thought I may as well repeat my answer here, as I expect some others may be wondering the same thing (I know I did when I started down this road).

    First, a picture of the 47D (left) next to an ETM (right). These are both 8 round 45 ACP mags, with low profile base pads installed.


    Sticking tape measure between them, you can see that the ETM magazine (right) is roughly 1/8" longer than the 47D (left).


    Another size comparison, but from a different angle. ETM on the left, and 47D on the right. (Sorry for switching positions.)


    Below is a picture of the 47D inserted into my Springfield Loaded Target. The 47D is clearly not a flush fit mag. Having used flush mags, I actually prefer to have a mag that sticks out a little. It makes it easier to smack the magazine home.


    Below is my Springfield Loaded Target with the ETM magazine. Even with the low profile base pad, it sticks out quite a bit.

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    Thanks for the write up and review!
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    Good stuff, thanks!
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    Good pictures...good writeup --- thanks for taking the time !
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