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Purchased new by me and I have fired exactly 50 rounds (1 box) of ammo through it. It is an elegant and gorgeous pistol. The Wilson trigger tuning is amazing. As such, this has the Action Tune. This gun is complete as it came from the factory. Box, sleeve, (3) 15 round sand resistant magazines etc. Never carried/holstered.

There is one catch: The front night sight is very very weak. The gun is recent production and so I was puzzled as it was purchased by me this year (2019). As such, I ordered the Wilson replacement front night sight. I started to tap out the old sight and realized it was just too tight in the dovetail. It is staked from the factory as well. So it is best to have the proper sight pusher or a proper gunsmith to swap them. There are a couple tiny brass marks from my punch on the front sight/area. Again, it is a brass punch so it is not permanent. I was just going to have the gunsmith clean them up. They are tiny. Seriously. The gun will come with the new sight in package ready to be installed or you may not care or whatever. You'll have the option.

As such with the front sight, I have adjusted the price to reflect this.

$1050 shipped with insurance

No trades please!

I also have (5) additional factory 15 round sand resistant magazines new in package and (3) Mec Gar 18 round magazines new in package available to the buyer for extra if interested. This was an additional $250+ so I will include for $200 more.

3 x Mec-Gar MGPB9218 Beretta 92 Magazine 18RD 9mm Anti-Friction (MGPB9218AFC) = $72.24
5 x Beretta JM9A115 92FS/M9 Magazine 15RD 9mm Sand Resistant (JM9A115) = $151.40
Sub-Total: $223.64
Shipping to Washington: 8 x Accessories 2.05 lbs (Uninsured - (Bud's not responsible for items lost/damaged in shipping)): $9.00
WA TAX 9.3%: $21.64
Total: $254.28

Surefire light is NOT included.

PayPal/Zelle only. If PayPal, Fiends and Family or add 4% and always 100% DISCREET (that means leave the comments section blank as tempting as it is to write in there).

Please see feedback for confidence.

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