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I really hate giving bad information, I try my best to ensure that anything I tell people is accurate. So that, along with wanting to provide the information in general, is what spawned this journey. There's a lot of information out there about WC's Action Tune and what it entails, the problem is it's not exactly overly specific. Hopefully this helps answers some questions and maybe save someone some money.

Part 1 - Specs and Review

First we need to clarify some terms:

1: What is Wilson's Action Tune?
To quote Wilson Combat Rep "The Action Tune is a polishing of main action parts and spring selection. Hammer engagement surface, SEAR engagement surface, hammer strut, springs."

2: What is Wilson's 'Ultimate' Action Tune?
It's a package of parts for sale on their site. Per their website
"The Wilson Combat Beretta Ultimate Action Tune Kit will enhance the trigger pull of any Beretta 90/92/96 series handguns. Our re-engineered enhanced design trigger bar increases hammer arc at the point of sear let off for increased ignition reliability in double and single action mode and also reduces trigger overtravel. This machined, fully hardened part requires minor fitting.

The reduced power chrome silicon hammer springs and standard power trigger return spring will hold their tension much longer than conventional factory-spec springs and the array of supplied hammer spring weights can be tailored to the ammunition and trigger pull that you prefer.

12#, 13#, 14# Chrome Silicon hammer springs, standard weight chrome silicon trigger return spring and Wilson Combat enhanced trigger bar are included."
So one is something that's done to your gun and one is just something you buy. Here's where I screwed up. To quote Wilson Combat Rep again from a thread where the Action Tune and new, at the time, trigger bar were being discussed. "If you order a 92G from us we cannot install the action bar during the action tune-just the standard action tune with factory parts and aftermarket hammer spring. You would have to send the gun back for the action bar."

Between that post and that since WC lists "Ultimate Action Tune" on their website I mistakenly assumed that if you sent a Beretta in for the Action Tune that it automatically came with the trigger bar. Which made sense in my head because the Action Tune is $140 whereas to purchase the Ultimate Action Tune parts is $80. Oops. So at this point I have two Beretta's, a 92G Brigadier Tactical and a 96G Special Duty, both with the Action Tune. In my mind the Action Tune was worth it if it came with the trigger bar, but for just polishing parts and lowering the springs made me question it's value. How much of a difference does their polishing make verse just swapping the springs?

What is the WC trigger bar supposed to do?
To again quote Wilson Combat Rep "The enhanced trigger bar is a part we make that can reduce overtravel and enhance ignition with light springs. It has to be fitted by a gunsmith." and in another post "For a match/target gun you can reduce trigger overtravel and increase the amount the hammercams to the rear so it can improve your trigger feel a bit."

After realizing my guns didn't have the trigger bar I reached out to Tressa at Wilson to address the issue. I was admittedly ticked at the time I emailed her but I keep it to the specific issues. Part of that being there are only two places listed on Wilson's websites that say "Action Tune", one under the Beretta customization section where it's listed as an option to have done to your gun, two under the sales section listed as Ultimate Action Tune. I made my case that it was easy to assume based on the information listed and lack of information that should have been included. She agreed to work with my on a resolution and I shipped the pistols back for the trigger bar.

Side note about Tressa: She has been fantastic to work with during this whole process. I really can't say enough good things about her.

I received my pistols back from WC and anxiously grabbed the pistols and dry fired each. They felt different but heavier, not what I was expecting. I grabbed my trigger pull gauge to see if it was just my imagination. Here are my pre- and post-Action Tune numbers:

96G-SD - Stock
Double Action: 11# 3oz
Single Action: 5# 10oz

96G-SD - Post-Action Tune (Just polishing and springs, no trigger bar)
Double Action: 7# 6oz
Single Action 3# 13oz (A 1# 13oz decrease)

96G-SD Post-Ultimate Action Tune (Trigger bar added)
Double Action: Didn't measure
Single Action: 4# 5oz (An 8 oz increase)

92G-BT - Post-Action Tune (Polishing and springs)
Single Action: 3# 3oz

92G-BT - Post-Ultimate Action Tune (Trigger bar)
Single Action: 3# 10oz (A 7 oz increase)

So by this point I'm getting pretty grumpy. I wanted to improve my trigger, not make it heavier. I knew Tressa would take care of me so I dropped her a quick email explaining the above information. She immediately got back to me and asked me to ship them back, on their dime, and she would have their "Beretta guy" go over the pistols.

Side note: When I tried to ship the pistols back using WC's prepaid shipping is when the whole fiasco with UPS and their shipping policies happened. Culminating with was an email chain between myself, Tressa, and UPS Security trying to get their guys on track. That mess can be viewed here: http://1911addicts.com/threads/do-you-disclose-youre-shipping-a-gun.27913/

I received a call from Jared their Beretta smith, a great guy to talk to. The short of the conversation is that it appears the WC trigger bar adds an extra 8 ounces/half pound to the trigger pull. Bummer. He said he'd fit a new trigger bar in each pistol and ship them back. I got the pistols back and both pistols trigger pull weights had increased around 3 oz. I suppose the fitting of the part affects the pull weight.

What about the feel?
In Double Action there is a wall now. Using a slow, smooth, steady pull you'll find that just before the trigger breaks you reach the stop/wall. A little more pressure and it breaks. Best I can relate it to, with my limited pistol experience, is to compare it to a Glock. Trigger rolls, stop, breaks. It makes the trigger very predictable in Double Action if you're trying to shoot for precision.

In Single Action it does reduce over-travel. Not much more to be said. I've pulled the WC trigger bar out of the 92G and installed the factory bar, in part to feel the difference and plus I wanted to be able to compare it to the 96G. I'm not inclined to reinstall it though. I don't particularity mind the difference in feel but not at the increase in weight.

Part 2: Pictures of Action Tune polishing

For those who want to know exactly which area of the parts are polished during an Action Tune I've taken these pictures. Due to their polished nature, my use of a cellphone camera, and my lack of skill, these were the best I could do on pictures but I've tried to highlight the polished areas.


Part 3: Updates and Corrections on Part 1

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Thank you AGAIN, Great write up & explanations. Photos are also Mooey B-wayno ;)

If I hit P Ball Saturday night I'll get you a Digital SLR camera:laugh:

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So, was it all worth it?
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Wow very nice write up. Definitely saved me $80. I was planning on sending my 92fs for the whole tune specifically with the addition of the action bar. Wilsons description of it makes it sound like the cats meow. Plus I was thinking it's an enhancement by Wilson it has to be awesome. Thanks to your in depth review I'll save the $80 for more ammo. Thanks for the write up

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Yep I was getting a hankering for a Wilson Beretta before I saw this.
(not sure why but I was)

Now I've lost my hankering but that's a good thing more 1911 money.

Very informative write up.
Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort.

I might be able to add a couple more options to that 1911 build in the works.

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great write up!! Another myth and Wilson did not cause it is that these Wilson/Beretta are more accurate than stock. NO accuracy
work is done.

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Love my Wilson/ Beretta 92G compact carry.

I wouldn't ever own a stock beretta without the Wilson Action Tune.

But now thanks to your write up, I wont own a Wilson/Berretta that has a trigger bar in it. Until they get it to not add pull weight.

You saved me a few bucks as I was considering it.

Would you add the [competition spring set] with the trigger bar and without and measure the trigger pull again?

Wheels, a 92G with action tune should stay on your list of wants. They are great, and I used to swear id never own a beretta.
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