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wilson EDC X9

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Hi all again,
As you all have seen I have put up a couple of things for sale as an opportunity has presented itself that I would really like to take advantage of. That being said I am putting up for sale a recently purchased Wilson EDC X9. I bought it from Cloudsmoker and really like it but I need the money. I have added an additional 50 rounds through the gun, so it is about at 300 rounds through it. I would like to get what I paid $2,540 shipped to your FFL.
Here is the link for the original Thread and I will add some more pictures.
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Great price for a great gun. I’m likely going to add a second one to my home, unfortunately I'm going without the rail or I’d be on this. GLWS.
Why is this still here? Looks like a good price as well.
It appears like the railed models don’t move quite as quickly as the non railed models.
Glad buyer and seller can work out a face to face transaction. Hope it works out well for you both.
I don't think THIS gun sold, I think the FTF was referring to another sale.

OP let the forum know if this is still available, as I think the thread drift is misleading.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts