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Wilson Recon Tactical 5.56 18" fluted barrel

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Wilson Combat Recon Tactical Rifle
5.56 NATO
18" Barrel, 1-8 twist, Fluted
Billet Upper and Lower Receivers
2 stage TTU
13.8" Key Mod Trim Rail
Quick Detach Sight Set with CSAT Aperature
Receivers and Barrel to be Burnt Bronze
Flash Hider, Trim Rail, Controls, Buttstock, Grip to be Black

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Hi dude - what kinda trades are you interested in?
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Medford Knives or similar quality. Cool old guns. 1911s (wesson, sa, maybe a baer). Fairly flexible.
Really an excellent rifle. Someone needs to snatch this up. GLWS
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'Trying to keep your ARs under a couple dozen' ?

You hoarder you....:)

Nice gun. Somebody should snatch it up.
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Lowered cash requirement and defined trades a bit better.
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