Wilson Vickers Elite 9mm gov't length

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  1. Xring

    Xring Member

    Dec 31, 2018
    Hi -

    Let me know if you have a Wilson Combat Vickers Elite 9mm government length that needs a new home. I'm happy to help

    I'd also consider other models such as the Tactical Elite 9mm as long as they are government length too.

    It's fine if the finish is worn, since I intend on using this … a lot

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. RMF308

    RMF308 Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2019
    Good luck on your search! I have a Vickers Commander version and it’s one of the best 1911 that I’ve ever owned or shot.
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  3. aaronsappl

    aaronsappl Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2015
    You are gonna love it, I have run 7000 rds through mine.
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  4. Xring

    Xring Member

    Dec 31, 2018
    I'm sure I will … but I gotta get one first :o.o:
  5. mac2005

    mac2005 Active Member

    Sep 22, 2014
    I have a fullsize 9mm WC CQB on the classified side if your interested.

  6. crc

    crc Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jan 17, 2012
  7. Xring

    Xring Member

    Dec 31, 2018
    Yep, pricey indeed!

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